Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trust Yourself

By Chris Redding (Guest Blogger)

I am not a religious person. I am an agnostic. That means I’m not really sure God exists. If you believe in God, I’m good with that. I think we need to decide these things for ourselves.

I am a spiritual person.


Your spirituality is how you deal with the unknown. Most people use religion for how they deal with what they cannot explain or don’t understand. Works for them.

My husband is a scientist. He can use science to explain the unknown. I am a left brain person. I actually believe in Karma or maybe my own convoluted version of it. Do good things and good things will come your way. What goes around comes around.

Now, I realize that bad things happen. Bad situations happen. Oy, I could tell you about my childhood! I’m not a kid anymore and therefore can make choices on my own.

And I choose to trust myself.

When I need to find the answer to a puzzling question or make a life decision, I trust that it will come to me.

It is the same with writing. When I sat down to write this blog I had no idea what I was going to write about. I just sat down and told myself it would come. Lo and behold it did.

People often ask writers where their ideas come from. I want to tell them I have a troll in the basement that I talk to each morning. He gives my new ideas or he doesn’t get fed. If I were to say that I wouldn’t make book sales.

Usually ideas come from something I’ve read or something on the news. It will percolate in my brain and come back as something with my little twist on it. But I have to trust that it will be there.

People talk about writer’s block. I have writer’s fear. Or writer’s “I don’t feel like writing,” but never an actually block. If I sit down to write, it is there. Because I trust that it will be there.

I don’t put much stock in muses. I may joke about having one, but I think it is too whimsical an idea if you really plan to make a go in this business.

But my advice is not just for writers. You can take it into any part of your life. Should you change jobs? Trust that the answer will come to you.

Should you have a child? Should you get married? Any of life’s big questions, you must trust in yourself that you will do the right thing. That you will know what the right thing is for you.

BIO: Chris Redding’s latest book, Corpse Whisperer, is out on Kindle. When she isn’t writing, she works for her local hospital. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, one dog and three rabbits.

You can find me on the internet at:

Corpse Whisperer: A paramedic must solve a murder before it happens.

There is a prize today for one lucky commenter. I will draw a name and you will get some bath products. Thanks so much for having me today.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Greetings, Chris,

Welcome to Beyond Romance!

I really agree with you. You've got to have faith in your own instincts, even if they seem to be at odds with the people around you. I believe that each of us has a core of Spirit that will guide us if we stop and listen.


Mary Preston said...

I enjoyed the insight. I believe we must all follow our own paths when it comes to religion & spirituality. So long as it means no harm to others - go for it. Corpse Whisperer looks amazing. Another must read.

Jeffrey said...

I'm writing because I don't normally write to blogs, although I do enjoy reading them. Gives me a sense of where people are in their thoughts as a collection of people.

However, I'm writing to first say, I respect your opinion and your beliefs and would never shove my beliefs of a true God on anyone. Could it have been my (struggle for survival)upbringing? Perhaps, but whatever it is, I have a sense of belonging and that the wrong in this life will one day be exposed and made right.

my inspiration comes in many forms, small conversations, stories of unjust, standing in the downpour. But whereever I get it from, I am thankful for having it. Blessed? absolutely and thankful.

Best Regards,

Pat Dale said...

Hi Chris,
I agree with your premise. We must trust ourselves when it comes to our writing. If we don't, who else will trust us for anything?
On the spiritual matter, I agree to a point. As Jeffrey has said, I also would never try to impose my spiritual beliefs on anyone. But, and its a big one, there is a question nobody can answer for us. Using science, we've been able to go back further and further in determining how we got here. No matter how far back we go, though, there always remains the unanswered question. Before that, what? That, to me, suggests an infinite predicate to life. If that be the case, does it not also suggest an infinite future? Something to ponder on. LOL
Happy writing,
Pat Dale

Chris Redding said...

Jeffrey and Pat,
I'm glad you felt you could write in. I have many friends, and I had an uncle, who truly get joy out of their religion and believing in God. I would never tell them they shouldn't believe in God. I could never take that away from them.
I think spiritual matters are so personal. I wasn't going to put that in the post, but I thought it was relevant to what else I said.
And I hope I didn't offend anyone, because I certainly meant none.

Thank you for stopping by.

Jennifer Mathis said...

I believe you are right. you have to trust in yourself to really do anything in this world or you'll be to nervous and flub it up . I love the troll in the basement part :)

Madeline Elayne said...

I find that on the whole, people who identify as 'agnostic' have put a lot of thought and self-reflection into coming to that decision. Not that there aren't people who have struggled and researched and contemplated before reaching their decisions regarding their faith, in fact that is a prerequisite in many faiths, just no christian ones that I can name off the top of my head. I believe in everyone's right to their own faith and spirituality. However, that said, there is a higher percentage of agnistics and atheists who I respect *for* their spirituality than christians primarily because I know so many christians who have a blind faith, and don't even know the tenets of the religion that they follow. That being said, christians who deeply and truly understand what it is that they are being called in to belive in when the associate with a religion, I can and do respect deeply. Sorry for the rant, but thank you so much for sharing your perspective on your personal spirituality.

Chris Redding said...

The troll story isn't too snarky? :)

Unknown said...

With as many phony televangelists as there are crooked politicians, I can understand why people want proof of God's existence. Fortunately, he recognizes my name because he's been there for me many times...if only I returned the favor. But...with regard to having faith in yourself...I always have had, and the reviews I've received tell me that my faith isn't misguided. The quarterly royalty statements yank me back to reality and that I could never live on what I make doing this. People want print? Sure...why not. I made .12 for one copy, .13 for another and a whopping .15 on one. Good thing I love to write. :)

Word Actress said...

I know, I feel guilty telling other writers I never get writer's block. I do get what you mentioned, the occasional, I don't feel like writing, but even that is rare. I try to read and comment on blogs every day and Guest Blog as much as I can, so I am always looking for blog topics, ideas for my stories.
It makes life so interesting, dontcha think?

Re: faith, I do believe in something larger than ourselves out there in the unknown. I always remember the statement, The poor are closer to God.
I thought about that for a long time. Think about the graciousness of all those people in the tsunami several Christmases ago. The next day, the villagers went on praying and singing and believing, even with the bodies of those they loved pummeled against trees and mountainsides and collapsed buildings. It made me embrace faith even more. And it reminded me as you have said here, that somehow, in some way, things are gonna be alright...Happy Saturday all...Mary Kennedy Eastham

Chris Redding said...

I am so rarely this deep, but I'm glad I went out on a limb because I am enjoying people's comments.
I liked what you said Madeline about knowing more spiritual agnostics.
I've known people who called themselves Christians who lied and talked behind people's backs. One of the most principled people I know is my husband and he was not raised in a religion at all. cmr

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I think you're describing the essential difference between faith and religion. Those with faith need not have religion, just as those with religion do not necessarily have faith in else but the dogma manufactured and espoused by other mortals. I admire your courage in sharing your beliefs; and look forward to reading the stories incited by your Troll. Write On!

Unknown said...

I don't know what I am. Backslidden, I guess. So many terrible things happen in the world and in life, I bounce back and forth with my beliefs.

Belief in oneself is important. Mine is buiding with each short story or novel/novella that 'gets' out there. I hope it keeps building. Choosing a writing path is not an easy walk as you all know. I'm just so happy to have the support of good friends that bolster my belief in me.
Very nice post. Thank you for sharing.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great post, and some great comments. That's the sign of a good blog isn't it. Inspiring thought and provoking questions. Thanks for sharing Chris.

Janice Seagraves said...

Nice post.

I call it faith myself, but then my mentor is named Faith and she's a ministers daughter, so I tease. LOl.


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