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Saturday Spanks: Spank Me Again, Stranger -- #EroticRomance #Kink #99Cents

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I realized that I haven’t done a Saturday Spanks post in ages. To remedy that, I’ve got a sexy spanking excerpt today from “Spank Me Again, Stranger”. This is part of my collection Hearts & Handcuffs: Romantic Kink, which is on sale for only 99 cents until the end of February.

If you like light-hearted kink and lots of kisses, grab yourself a copy of this collection while it costs less than a cup of coffee!

The Spanking

Voices buzzed, filling a lull between songs. Hector was up on stage, whispering something in Jake's ear. With a thrill that was only part horror, Audra realized she was the topic of conversation. Blood rushed to her nipples and earlobes, deepening the hunger in her sex. Hastily, she returned her attention to her Budweiser. But it was too late.

Hey everyone! Quiet down now! Quiet down. Welcome to the Drunken Cactus. We got a very special guest here with us tonight—all the way from New York City.”

Whooee!” Cheers and whistles interrupted the musician's gravelly voice.

Hush now! Quiet, you all! It's Audra's birthday—we won't ask which one, that wouldn't be polite—and she's decided to celebrate with us.”


Happy Birthday!”

So let's give her a big country welcome, people! Audra—come on up here so we can wish you a proper happy birthday!”

Jake grinned at her, his fists closing and opening as if he'd haul her up bodily if she refused his invitation. His size, his strength, the overwhelming presence of him, both scared and attracted her.

Oh—no, that's okay—really...” Audra felt like she was thirteen instead of thirty. What had happened to the sophisticated, self-confident Vice President of Product Development?

Get your butt up here, gal.”

No, please....”

Don't make me have to climb down off this stage, young lady!”

His implied threat pierced her confusion and turned it to something darker. Would he really force her to join him?

C'mon, Audra!” someone yelled. “Be a good sport.”

Audra! We want Audra!” came calls from the far end of the bar.

Grab her, Jake! Wrastle the filly if ya need to.”

Jake crouched at the edge of the wooden platform, his massive thighs stretching his jeans almost to the point of tearing. His eyes, Audra noticed, were the clear blue of the New Mexico sky. He stretched out a hand. “Don't be so shy, gal.” His voice was low and gentle, as if he was soothing a skittish animal.”I know what you really want.”

Refusals echoed through Audra's mind. But her body wasn't listening. As if in a dream, she grasped the proffered hand. It totally swallowed hers. The musician tugged; the next thing she knew, she was standing beside him on the stage, unsteady on her heels, while hoots and catcalls swirled around her.

He hadn't released his grip on her. “There now. That's not so bad, is it? Now everyone, let's wish our guest a happy birthday.”

The glare of a spotlight made it difficult for Audra to make out the faces in the crowd. Where the heck was Marnie?

And now, it's time for your birthday spanking.”

What the hell...? What do you think you're doing...?” Audra sputtered as Jake seated himself on his stool, seized her around her waist, and flipped her onto her stomach, across his lap.

New waves of heat shuddered through her. He cupped her bottom through her skirt and she thought she'd burst into flame. His huge hand completely covered her right cheek.

It's a tradition here at the Drunken Cactus, gal. Don't you city folks do that sort of thing?”

Audra's mind flew back to the sweet little flogger she'd purchased for her abortive celebration with Rick. She'd hoped she could persuade him to give her a taste of those soft leather thongs... but that was different. Wasn't it?

Apparently not, if one was to judge by the state of her pussy. She was swollen and soaked to the point that she worried she'd wet his trousers.


He squeezed her plump buttock. She couldn't stop herself from grinding against him.

I think the lady's ready.” The banjo player chuckled as he addressed the crowd. With exaggerated care, he raised her skirt to expose her silk underwear. She knew the soaked patch between her thighs would be obvious to him. She prayed her shame wouldn't be visible to the audience.

Now, sweetness, I know you can't be more than twenty five.” Jake turned his attention to her other cheek, kneading the flesh, melting her last resistance. “So I'll give you twenty five spanks. On each cheek.”

No....ow!” she wailed as his enormous palm smacked into her. The fabric of her panties muted the sting to some extent, but the blow still hurt.

One,” Jake intoned.

Ouch!” Audra screamed and kicked as he landed a second, harder slap on the opposite side. Her shoe clattered to the stage.


Ow...damn it, you…”

Three. Would you rather count, birthday girl?”

Argh! Ow! No! No...”


Each time his hand made contact with her butt, the pain grew. Perhaps he was using increasing force. Yet somehow that didn't interfere with the simultaneous pleasure. She jerked away from the blows, using the movements to rub her pubis against the iron hardness of his thigh muscles. Her clit felt enormous and tight, as though it might explode from the friction. Her lacy bra stimulated her nipples, which knotted into rigid peaks of need.

Meanwhile, her ass was on fire. Each stroke stung when it landed, but before long that transmuted to a throbbing ache. New slaps layered bright lines of pain on top of the older, deeper sensations. She imagined that if he were to bare her buttocks, they would pulse like red hot coals.

As if he'd heard her thoughts, Jake paused his spanking and began to peel the damp fabric of her panties away from her punished flesh.


You’ll find another excerpt and all the buy links at https://heartshandcuffsbook.html

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