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Monsters deserve love, too -- #ParanormalRomance #Anthology #MMRomance #Shifters @ReadersRoost

Beastly Tales cover

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Blurb for the Anthology

Monsters deserve love too…

From werewolves, vampires, and even Bigfoot, these beasts manage to find love. Whether they are able to sink their claws into that love and keep it is another story. When it comes down to it, don’t judge a book by its cover. This anthology brings a mixture of what ifs and happily ever afters.

Featuring stories from T.C. Mill, A.K. Moss, Toni Mobley, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Ashley L. Hunt, Charles Kyffhausen, Lil Deville, Kelly Piner, Jess Monica, and Karen Bayly.

Graphic sexual content is included within this anthology.

The Beasts of Hank's Wood by Lil DeVille

Joe Schola III is the eighteen-year-old son of Joseph Schola Junior, a fire-and-brimstone preaching Fundamentalist televangelist. While young Joe is far less homophobic than his father, he is struggling to come to terms with his own sexual orientation. Will Joe dare accept the invitation to become part of a clan of shapeshifters, and will he accept the love being offered to him by the handsome fox shifter Lovell Azarola?

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Excerpt from The Beasts of Hank’s Wood

I followed the lithe fox through the woods to a barn. Upon entering, he shifted back to human form and waved his hands. A glittering force field surrounded the barn.

We’ll be safe here,” he said.

I stood for a moment admiring Lovell’s glorious body. I wanted to touch him everywhere, to make his gorgeous cock stiffen under my fingertips. I willed myself to shift from wolf to human form, suddenly conscious of my nudity. Lovell approached me and wordlessly pressed his lips to mine. His tongue probed between my lips and his hands ran down my body, fondling my buttocks appreciatively.

Oh, fuck,” I gasped as the kiss ended. My knees were weak, and my cock was erect, throbbing against his hip. Lovell smiled, knowing he had me in his power.

Lie down for me,” he ordered.

I lay on a blanket-covered hay bale. He knelt before me and wrapped his luscious lips around my cock. It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load as my most taboo fantasy came true at the hands of this incredible man.

About the Author

Lil puts the Naughty in Naughty Netherworld Press. With her cheeky sense of humor, big imagination, and quirky characters, she spins one-of-a-kind tales guaranteed never to skimp on love and lust. She enjoys writing in the fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal or supernatural genres, but sometimes she returns to modern-day Earth for a spell. Lil enjoys a good adventure, whether the tale is set in the past, the present, or the future; here on Earth or in some distant, fanciful location in time and space.

Lil lives in a remote rural town in the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska triad with her adult son and three cats. She would be happy to write full-time, but since she is not yet a bestselling author, she has to dedicate part of her time to promoting her work.

Lil doesn’t particularly enjoy the promotion aspect of being an indie author because she has severe social anxiety. She enjoys virtually “meeting” her readers and fellow authors but hates selling herself. She prefers to let her stories do the talking.

Lil is a disabled former nurse who no longer works outside the home. When she isn’t cooking up hot stories, she enjoys baking, reading, crafts, and playing mobile games.

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