Thursday, February 16, 2023

New Audio Release! The Journeyman’s Trial – #VictorianErotica #Steampunk #AudioBook

The Journeyman's Trial Audio Cover

I’m thrilled to announce that Wordwooze Publishing has just released the audio version of my steampunk opus The Journeyman’s Trial, Book 2 of The Toymakers Guild series.

Elegantly narrated by Mala Zhelaniye, the new audio book brings Gillian and her fellow Guild members to vivid life. While you’re driving, or exercising, or just relaxing, why not spend some quality time at Randerley Hall?

Available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes. You can listen to a sample at either of these links.

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If she builds it, will they come?

Technically brilliant and thoroughly wanton, Gillian Smith has found her vocation: designing innovative erotic devices for the Toymakers Guild. Lust is a lubricant to creativity at Randerley Hall. But what happens when two Toymakers fall in love?

If you like intelligent, lusty women and kinky steam punk sex toys, pick up a copy of The Journeyman’s Trial.

Romantic Snippet

Jill – please!” Rafe held out his hand. “Come here.”

The raw need she heard in his voice cut through her giddiness. She stared at the man reclining on the thin mattress. Ragged black hair hung over his brow, partially hiding the lump from his fall. His dark eyes seemed to glow in the dimness as though lit from within, while his lips pressed together, serious and unsmiling. There was no hint of his habitual mocking smile.

Something shifted inside her. All levity fled. A pang of desire clutched at her, so acute that she gasped. Without further hesitation, she seated herself on the bed, close enough that she could smell him: earthy traces of the moors where she’d found him; the sharp sweetness of the rum; the ripe animal smell of his horse; and under it all, his own sweat and musk, rich and male. The heady mixture increased her intoxication. He captured both her hands in his, still pinning her with that intense gaze. For an instant, she wondered if he planned to prevent her from touching him, as he’d done previously. Then he drew her down to face him on the bed, into a bottomless kiss, and she understood that their waiting was over.


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