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A koala ruined her life – #LesbianRomance #SportsRomance #KindleUnlimited @iamcheyenneblue

For the Long Run cover

If you’re a fan of lesbian romance, rejoice! The inimitable Cheyenne Blue has a new novel that you shouldn’t miss.

An enemies-to-lovers lesbian sports romance about making it to the finish line.

A koala ruined her life. Well, that’s how elite athlete Shan Metz sees it.
When an idiot charity runner in a koala suit trips Shan during a community fun run, her knee blows out, destroying her dream of making the Australian Commonwealth Games team. Recovering from knee surgery will be bad enough, but living on her building’s fourth floor will make it a nightmare.

Consultant Lizzie Carras, aka the dream-wrecking koala, does guilt like a pro. The only decent thing to do is offer Shan her spare bedroom during recovery. Their incompatible lifestyles don’t help matters. Neither does Shan’s training partner, the haughty and possessive Celia. But they’ll muddle through until Shan’s knee has healed enough to get out of Lizzie’s life.

Because it’s not like Shan would ever miss a dream-wrecking koala or anything. Right?

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Shan slid open the door of the bathroom and stopped abruptly. Lizzie stood in the steam-filled room, her back to Shan, towelling her body. Her naked body.

Heat exploded in Shan’s chest and her nipples tightened. Lizzie was gorgeous. Stunning. Her golden skin had a sheen of moisture from her shower, and the ends of her long hair curled in ringlets on her back. Her spine curved down to a small waist and flared, womanly hips. Full buttocks begged to be cupped.

Oh hell. This is trouble.

I’m sorry. Sorry. The door wasn’t locked.” Shan shuffled back, wincing as her knee twinged, her eyes still riveted to the glorious curve of Lizzie’s bottom. She backed into the doorframe with a thump. “Shit.” A half step to the side and her crutch caught the bottom of the stand that held spare towels and toiletries, which crashed to the ground.

Lizzie straightened and wrapped the towel around herself in an unhurried motion. She turned to face Shan, an amused expression on her face.

Shan’s feet seemed rooted to the ground. She eyed the fallen jars of moisturiser and shampoo. There was no way she could easily pick them up. She shuffled another step backwards. Her elbow caught the doorframe. “Fuck.”

Finally, she made it out of the door and slid it shut with a thump.

She was an idiot, blundering in. Luckily Lizzie hadn’t seemed particularly perturbed by the intrusion. She limped over to the kettle and flicked the switch. At least she could offer a coffee in apology.

Shan pressed her hands to her flushed cheeks. One thing pushed its way to the front of her mind. She saw naked women all the time: in locker rooms, showers, and training camp dormitories. It was no big deal at all. Absolutely nothing to get embarrassed about, let alone make a total idiot of herself crashing into the walls like a drunk at closing time. But those naked women weren’t Lizzie. Lizzie with the smoothest skin of gleaming gold; Lizzie of the hourglass shape that enticed Shan to run her hands over the indent of her waist, the curve of her hips. The women strutting around the locker room had never sent a burn of desire to her stomach, had never made her want to press her thighs together to dull the ache between.

But Lizzie had.

About the Author

G’day and welcome. I’m Cheyenne Blue. I write big-hearted sapphic romance, mainly set in Australia.

I'm the author of several women-loving-women romances, with more to come. I've been a finalist in both the Lambda Literary Awards and the Golden Crown Literary Awards. Going back several years, you'll find nearly one hundred of my short stories in a pile of anthologies.

I live in a country town in Queensland, Australia. I love to cook, play tennis, travel, hike, and be outdoors with a dog. All of those things creep into my stories from time to time.

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Thanks for sharing this, Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Cheyenne! I hope the book does really well. Quite a tag line...!

(And a very sexy excerpt!)

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