Friday, October 16, 2020

Two entangled souls .... #GothicRomance #Thriller #PNR @Heather081079

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It’s been five years since Kiara's abduction; five long years of therapy, meant to treat her haphephobia, her fear of touch. Now, she finally feels ready to be touched by the one man she trusts—her best friend, Tyler. That is, until the creatures return and Kiara must wrestle with the secret she thought she had left in the past.

Tyler's no saint. A broken actor, sex addict, and heroin junkie, he's lucky to be alive. Kiara is the one good thing in his life. He would never touch her, never break her trust. Not even if she wanted him to.

As the visions worsen, destroying Kiara's hope for a normal life, the two entangled souls must search the shadows of their past to find the truth, before darkness tears them apart forever.




About the Author

With five titles accepted for publication in the last year, Heather's work has appeared in several anthologies and short story collections, including "Storyteller Magazine", "Zimbell House Publishing", and "Coffin Bell Journal".

Born and raised in North East Texas, Heather Harrison grew up with a family of misfits, leaving her with a wild imagination and a sharp sense of humor. After spending over a decade in management and marketing, she decided to pursue her life-long dream as a writer. With the very patient understanding of her family, friends, and some helpful strangers, her first book, Franny's Fable, was published in the winter of 2017 and second book, Shadows of Ascension is scheduled to be published late 2019. Heather lives in Dallas, Texas with her family.

Heather loves to connect with her readers and other writers:
Twitter @Heather081079



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