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Sizzling Sunday: Necessary Madness -- #pnr #gayromance #SizzlingSunday

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Welcome to another Sizzling Sunday!

Since I posted a lesbian excerpt last week, I thought I’d give equal time to one of my gay romances this week. So I’ve pulled out a sexy bit from my MM contemporary paranormal Necessary Madness.

Here’s the blurb:

Both power and love can lead to madness.

Nineteen-year-old Kyle sees visions of disasters, visions that tear his world apart. Everyone assumes he is schizophrenic, but Rob, the cop who picks him up off the street, knows better. Rob's own experience has taught him that psychic powers are real, and potentially devastating. Since his telepathic sister's brutal murder, Rob wants nothing to do with 'gifted' individuals like Kyle. Yet he can't deny his attraction to the beautiful, tortured young man - an attraction that appears to be mutual.

When a brilliant, sadistic practitioner of the black arts lures Kyle into his clutches, Rob faces the possibility that once again he may lose the person he loves most to the forces of darkness.

And the excerpt:

God, I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do.” Rob shifted, turning more towards Kyle. The cop’s hands clutched compulsively at the bedspread. The lump in his shorts had grown.

Kyle remembered what he’d seen the day he’d awakened at St. Vincent’s. Himself, kneeling before Rob, sucking the cop’s dick. A wave of lust washed over him. He decided to be bold. After all, he had nothing to lose.

There is. Hold me.”

What?” Rob’s eyes widened.

Climb under the covers with me. Put your arms around me.” Kyle flipped back the sheets, exposing his naked body to Rob’s hungry gaze. “Please, Rob. I’m so alone.”

Are you sure?” Rob’s voice shook. The cop stared at Kyle’s rapidly hardening cock.

Kyle stroked himself. His cock swelled in his fist. “Do I look uncertain?”

Rob didn’t wait for a second invitation. Standing, he stripped off his briefs. His rigid, uncut rod sprang out from the stretchy cotton. Kyle’s mouth watered.

The older man stretched out beside Kyle and captured him in a brawny embrace. He was so warm. So strong. Kyle sighed, settling against Rob’s chest, his head on the cop’s shoulder. He tickled the fat nipples, flicking at them with his tongue. Rob shuddered with pleasure. He pressed his meaty thigh between Kyle’s legs.

Kyle’s cock slapped against his companion’s. Their erections rubbed together, the friction kindling delicious sparks. Kyle reached down and captured the other man’s iron dick, squeezing gently.

Rob gasped, then followed Kyle’s lead. He pumped Kyle’s cock in a firm, steady rhythm. The last vestiges of the nightmare melted away.

Jesus, that feels so good!” Kyle lifted his chin to meet the cop’s gaze. Rob smiled as though he were in heaven.

Yeah, it does…”

Kyle’s fingers just barely met as they encircled Rob’s shaft. He stroked thumb along the underside, then over the hood, already slick with pre-cum. He licked his lips, imagining the taste, then smeared the liquid along the stalk. The cock in his hand twitched and pulsed.

Oh, yeah…Kyle…” Rob’s strokes grew faster and more erratic. Kyle followed suit, sliding his fist up and down, the cop’s foreskin stretching tighter with each moment as his cock continued to swell. Once more, Kyle remembered the vision, wondering if it would be possible to swallow such a huge organ. Or to take him inside—the notion was scary and incredibly exciting.

Kyle, oh, fuck, uh…” Rob was reduced to grunts and moans. His eyes were screwed shut, his firm lips distorted in a grimace of pleasure. He arched against Kyle’s body, grinding himself into Kyle’s fist. Kyle squeezed harder, coaxing the cum up the shaft. Rob’s cock throbbed in his hand like a juicy heart. Kyle slid to the base and fondled the heavy balls, which were tightening by the instant. The cock jerked and trembled against his palm.

Kyle was close, too. For a moment, he allowed himself to really feel Rob’s talented fingers, pulling, massaging, every touch sending waves of delicious sensation surging through him. The man was so strong, so sure of himself, despite his earlier reticence. It has been so terribly long since anyone cared about Kyle’s pleasure.

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