Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Snog #117: Mastering Maya

Sunday again, so I'm here, as reliable as the trains in Japan...

Today I've got a snog from my BDSM erotic romance Mastering Maya. It's a quick one, but I promise you the lead in is worth it.

After you've read my excerpt, head back to Victoria's place for lots more sexy kisses.

At the first utterance of her safe word, Stephen pulled his hand from her sex. Maya burst into sobs at the loss. He knelt beside the chaise. 
Maya, pet, what’s wrong?” The tear-drenched blindfold tangled in her hair as he tore it off. She blinked at the sudden brightness. Even with her blurred vision, his concern was obvious.

I’m so sorry… I couldn’t…” Maya buried her face in the cushions.

It’s okay, Maya.” He ran his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp. “That’s what safe words are for. When it’s too much. When you can’t bear it. What I don’t get is why you happily submit to the hardest caning I can manage, then safe word just when you’re about to come.”

It—it isn’t you. You’re great. You were right. I enjoyed giving myself to you, much as I hated the notion at first. But this is something from a long time ago…”

Tell me,” Stephen ordered, as he set about loosening her bonds. “I want to know.”

You were right. I used to be a sub—when I was in law school. My professor initiated me, showed me what it meant to surrender. I loved every minute of it, even the pain and the fear…” Maya sniffed, trying to stop the flood of tears. Stephen helped her to a sitting position on the chaise, then settled beside her at a respectful distance. He’d removed the tuxedo jacket and pleated dress shirt. Celtic knots twined across his bare chest, from one shoulder to the other. She wondered what she could do to make him move closer.

Roger and I were together for nearly two years. Our games became more and more extreme. But he—he thought he knew what I needed better than I did myself. I’d told him I had a fantasy of being gang-raped. He arranged a scene, in some derelict warehouse, inviting some of his friends to come and abuse me. I was fine when they roped me up and suspended me from the beams—it was a thrill—but when those other guys, those strangers, started to paw me—when I saw their swollen cocks and their leers and realised what I was in for—I chickened out.” Maya shuddered at the memory.

You used your safe word. That’s not ‘chickening out’.”

Anyway…” Another rush of tears prevented her from continuing.

Roger didn’t stop it, right?” Maya was glad the fury in Stephen’s face wasn’t directed at her.

Right. They went on with the scene, while I screamed and tried to fight them off. They fucked me, every hole, just the way I’d imagined. I hated every minute of it.”

But you came anyway.”

Once. Roger made me. One guy was in my ass, another in my mouth, and Roger started playing with my cunt. He knew me so well… He told me that, if I was really his slave, I’d come, and I did…”

Bastard. Now I understand.” Stephen crossed the room to pick up her robe. “Here.” She took the caftan, but made no move to put it on. “I’m really sorry. I should have known better, that you had good reasons for being the way you are.”

You mean, being the Ice Queen?” Maya’s giggle hiccupped into a sob. “Yeah, I swore that nobody would ever make me do anything, ever again. Including come.” She leaned against the back of the chaise, arching her back a bit to display her breasts. Her coffee-coloured nipples hardened under his scrutiny. “Stupid, huh? Punishing myself when I should have been punishing him.”

I apologise, Maya. I’m an arrogant ass, just like you said.” Stephen gathered his discarded finery and began to don his shirt.

No.” The authority in Maya’s voice was unmistakeable. “Don’t go. We have a bargain, after all…”

Forget about that. I really don’t want to hurt you any more than I already have.”

But I liked it when you hurt me.” She favoured him with a grin. “I’m sure you realised that.”

That’s not what I mean, and you know it, Maya!” Stephen objected. However, he’d paused in his process of dressing.
She rose from the chaise to capture him in her arms, crushing her breasts against his naked chest. “I think you were right about me. I need the kind of surrender you were offering. I want that.”

Are you sure, Maya?” His cock thickened inside his fancy trousers—she could feel the delicious bulk against her pubis. She cupped him through the satin and was rewarded by his shudder of pleasure.

Absolutely. Come upstairs to my bedroom. I have a fabulous, antique four-poster bed. And, you know, nobody has ever been tied to it. Seems like a real shame, to me.”
She raised her face just as his mouth descended on hers. The kiss was both a challenge and a promise.

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