Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Snog #88: Challenge to Him

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today I have another kiss from my newest release Challenge to Him to share with you. The title is available now as part of the Tied to the Billionaire anthology. Get your own copy here!
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All the wealth in the world can’t buy willing surrender.
Andrew MacIntyre, heir to a vast empire of railroads, mines and mills, is the second or third richest man in America, and by far the most eligible bachelor among the society folk summering in Newport, Rhode Island. His mother has filled their opulent mansion with marriageable daughters of bankers and industrialists, but Andrew knows none of these callow young women can satisfy his perverse sexual needs. No respectable girl would ever consent to being bound and beaten, to serving and obeying him the way he craves. His money gives him the freedom to purchase anything except his heart’s desire—a submissive partner to share his life.
Independent, progressive and well-educated, labour activist Olivia Alcott has dedicated herself to improving the lot of the workers who toil in the factories that have made Andrew and his class so wealthy. The strike she organises triggers a confrontation between her and the handsome billionaire. Although their disparate backgrounds and values make them natural foes, something stronger draws them to one another—an intuitive recognition of complementary fantasies. Andrew offers Olivia a bargain—better working conditions for the mill staff, in return for a weekend of her unquestioning obedience. Olivia will help him deflect the attentions of the potential mates assembled by his mother, as well as providing more intimate services. Given Olivia’s origins, a more enduring relationship appears impossible—but Andrew is not the sort to give up something he wants.

Her lover—her master, at least for the moment—stirred and moaned. 
By God, Olivia! Are you trying to kill me?”

She struggled to suppress a giggle. “Of course not, sir!”

He clambered off her, then circled around to plant an energetic kiss on her lips. “You’re an amazing woman. I had no idea…”

I thought you said you knew, when you saw me…”

Minx!” He leaned over to pinch a welt. “You’ll pay for your insolence. But let’s get these ropes off first.”
Her muscles screamed in protest as she brought them down to her sides. Her fingers and toes were numb. Shaking his head, he chafed her wrists and ankles to stimulate the blood flow. “My apologies. I should not have kept you tied for such a long time.” His manner was almost tender as he boosted her body onto the bed. She rolled onto her side to spare her wounded ass the friction from the bedclothes.

I didn’t mind, sir.”

It’s my responsibility to see that you come to no harm.”
He stretched out along her body, facing her. Caressing her cheek, he searched her eyes. “You really didn’t mind, did you?” She heard wonder in his voice.

No, sir.” Olivia swallowed the lump in her throat. Honesty was the only alternative. “Actually, I liked it. I liked it all—the rope, the belt, the teasing, the roughness—the way you acted like you owned me.”

What about the Russian?” Andrew’s voice caught, a signal of unaccustomed uncertainty.

Dmitri is the past. That was more than four years ago. And I should never have trusted him. After six months together, he simply disappeared one day—taking most of my money with him, I should add.”

Did you—did you love him?”

Olivia had the feeling her companion didn’t want the real answer, but she felt compelled to tell the truth.

I did, at the time. He was the first person to see—well, who I am. What I want. When he left me, I thought I’d die. I spent more than one night leaning on the railing of a bridge over the Seine.”

The bastard didn’t deserve you, Olivia.” Andrew gathered her to his chest and took possession of her mouth in a kiss that brooked no refusal. Not that Olivia had the slightest inclination to refuse.


C. A. Szarek said...

Hot. Like it very much! Thanx for sharing Lisabet!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Chrissy!

You're so great about reading my posts. I really appreciate it!

Willa Edwards said...

Very hot Lisabet. I just finished reading this story and I loved it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thank you, Willa!

Looking forward to reading yours.

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hi Lisabet,
I'm LQQking forward to reading Olivia & Andrew's Story, they sure sound like they're going to be soooo HOT together!! Thank you for sharing with Us!
Take Care Lisabet & Stay Naughty,

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