Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lisabet's July News

Tied To The Billionaire cover

New and Upcoming Releases

Jeez! What happened to June? Oh, I remember. I spent all month blogging about Rajasthani Moon and giving away prizes. No wonder I forgot to do my newsletter!

Anyway - my big news this month is the release of the fabulous anthology Tied to the Billionaire, which includes my historical BDSM story Challenge To Him. The book is available now from Total-E-Bound - just click here - with general release scheduled for the 16th of August. But why wait? You can get the book at a 10% discount from TEB this very instant in whatever format you prefer. And they can send it directly to your Kindle or Nook, just like the big guys.

By the way, I've finally put an excerpt from Challenge To Him on this site. Just click here.

To celebrate the general release, the anthology authors - Amy Armstrong, Sam Crescent, Tanith Davenport, Cheryl Dragon, Willa Edwards and yours truly - are planning a fabulous blog tour entitled "Meet the Billionaires". Each of us will have an interview with our fabulously wealthy hero. One lucky commenter during the week will get a $50 bookstore gift certificate. A second winner will recieve an ebook from each author's backlist. The fun starts on release day, August 16th, and runs through the 23rd. Keep your eye on my blog for details, or join my Yahoo group, Lisabet's List.

I'm waiting eagerly for the release of Coming Together: Girl on Girl, the new charity anthology edited by Leigh Ellwood and benefiting the National Center for Lesbian Rights. The book includes my F/F BDSM tale Sundae, Bloody Sundae. For a quick snippet, click here.

Meanwhile, I just submitted a new paranormal Lust Bite entitled Rough Weather. It's a sort of prequel to my tale Hot Spell, about the Water Elemental Ondine and the Air Elemental Marut. I'll let you know as soon as I hear whether it has been accepted.

Other News

I've posted Chapter 7 in my free cat-shifter serial Cat Toy, my cat-shifter serial. You can read the latest installment, in which the villain makes her appearance, here. Or to read the entire story so far, start here

In mid-August I'll be participating in Victoria Blisse' amazing Smut Al Fresco event. In fact, I'll be posting my excerpt of outdoor loving on the 16th of August, the same day the Billionaire tour begins. No rest for the weary!

Al Fresco button

You read the button right. We are giving away a Kindle, plus 50 British pounds worth of TEB credit to fill that baby up!


I only received two entries to my last contest, so rather than drawing a winner, I'm throwing those entries in with this month's contest. You can win a pack of two autographed print books from my back list. All you have to do send an email to contest [at] lisabetsarai.com with the subject line "Series Contest". In the email, tell me what you think is the secret to a great series. Should each book in the series feature the same characters, or do you prefer a series set in a single world but where each book focuses on different characters? How important is it that you be able to read the series in any order? How long should a series be?

Each email counts as an entry. I'll announce the winner in my next newsletter, in the second half of August.

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My pick of the month for July is Melissa Snark's blog, The Snarkology of an Erotic Romance Author. Melissa was one of my hosts for my Rajasthani Moon blog tour, and I realy liked her site, which features a lot of information about her and her causes, as well as some great cartoons.

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