Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life's Been Good to Me So Far

Lucky I'm still sane after all I've been through.
I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.
Life's been good to me so far...
                                           ~ Joe Walsh

Every now and then you just have to stop and say thanks to the universe. Or at least I do.

I blog a lot and I have to admit, I have some tendency to whine about the fact that I'm not a rock star of publishing. I make a bit off my books, but I could never support myself (even in the marginally Third World country where I live). Yeah, I get five star reviews every now and again, but there's often an awful lot of time between "now" and "again". I don't even bother looking at my book ratings, because I can't count that high...

In the last couple of days, though, I've been counting my blessings.

For example, I tripped on an irregularity in the sidewalk the other night, bent my big toe back at almost a right angle, and woke up the next day in a lot of pain. As I limped around the apartment making breakfast, I was sure I'd broken the toe, that I was facing weeks of restricted mobility. My mind flashed back to my broken leg, and I was already making mental lists of all the stuff I wouldn't be able to do.

However, as the day went on, the pain lessened (though the toe turned reddish gray and swollen), and by the next morning, I could walk with almost no limp at all. I was delighted that all my dire scenarios hadn't come to pass. Maybe this means all the calcium I've been taking since my last fracture is actually doing some good!

Then there's the dancing. Just before the toe incident, my husband and I had dropped in to one of our favorite bars. It's a little place, a bit seedy, but they have a fantastic DJ who plays vintage rock and roll. As we sipped our drinks, the DJ revved up an old John Cougar Mellencamp tune, "Hurts So Good" and I just had to get up and shake my booty! (Much to the amusement of the other patrons, who I guess weren't used to seeing a borderline senior citizen like me shaking my shoulders and swiveling my hips.) I sat down, a bit winded, only to have the DJ put on Santana. Oh baby! I couldn't sit still!

I do so love to dance! I forget about everything and just move! And I'm reassured that I've still got the ability, at least to some extent. As Bob Seeger put it, "Rock and roll never forgets".

Then, on the writing front, last weekend I finished Rough Weather, my paranormal prequel to Hot Spell. I'm letting it sit for a week or so before I submit it. Meanwhile, I've started working on my next project, a short story for a lesbian femdom anthology edited by the award-winning D.L. King. Tied to the Billionaire is available for pre-order and all the authors have working together, revving up for some great marketing events (with super prizes).

Yes, life is good! The weather has been great, I just got positive news about my step-mom's health, my husband has been sweeter than usual, my cats haven't been attacking each other too frequently...

You know, there's always something to be grateful for. Screw the reviews! (And thanks, Joe!)

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