Saturday, May 29, 2010

Isn't it romantic?

By Ava Delany (Guest Blogger)

Hello my lovelies, and thank you for stopping by to join me to hear what I have to say in this guest blog. I usually like to fool around a little when I talk, bringing a playful and erotic sound to my blogs, however, this time I would like to speak plainly on something I believe is important when writing erotic romance: namely, the romance. I really strive to make the connection between the hero and the heroine palpable in all my stories.

I think some erotic writers forget that we’re writing more than just sex/lust between the two main characters (or more for some eroticists). We are telling a love story, first and foremost. The reason they are together must be apparent, the romance has to be believable, and the love should to be tangible. It shouldn’t simply be “Wow, he’s hot. I think I’ll do him,” it should have the heart and soul of the character’s involved. Or at least show how they could easily get involved with more time.

In stories where the couple is already married (such as in my flirts - The Wedding Night, and The Soldier’s Return), some seem to feel the attachment comes in almost on autopilot, yet the bond should be obvious beyond the marriage itself. In my opinion, the reader needs to feel that the couple still want and love each other, even after all the time and distance (and possibly numerous fights). In stories where the couple is reunited (as in my flirt - The Librarian’s Love) or the hero and heroine haven’t met yet, (as in my new longer Fetish Club series - Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen) this connection needs to be even better established. The reader should feel the intrigue and desire the characters feel. Personally, I strive to help the reader understand why the two come together in such an explosive way and why they might well stay together forever. After all, the reason readers choose this genre is to feel the passion, excitement, and romance of that first time all over again, and to believe that feeling will last forever.

I know there will be those who do not agree, but I just thought I would share my feelings on the genre. Thank you for taking the time to visit me here and listen to my thoughts on the subject.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Ava,

Welcome to Beyond Romance!

I agree with you. Personally I find that it's the emotional connection between the characters that makes sex interesting and involving. Without that, well, I'll just skip it.


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