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NIck is back! One Way Out (Nick Seven Book 9) by Tim Smith -- #Romance #Suspense #NewRelease

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Blackmail, kidnapping, stalking, death threats…some days, you just can’t win!

Lauren Scott is a wealthy widow with a lot of embarrassing secrets. Her late husband, a convicted stock swindler, died under mysterious circumstances, just as he was about to name names in Federal court. His legacy supposedly includes a list of VIPs who attended sex parties on a private Caribbean island, among other things. Now Lauren has become the target of too many people who think she holds the secrets he once kept, and they just might kill her for them.

She calls on her friends, former CIA spies Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens, for help. Despite initial misgivings, they agree to assist her. But their laidback Florida Keys life is quickly disrupted by those in hot pursuit, including a zealous podcaster who is making Lauren’s private life public, a Treasury agent, victims of her late husband’s Ponzi scheme, and a Southern governor who has his eye on the White House.

Looks like there might be trouble brewing in paradise.

Review Snippets

He’s as cool as a Pina Colada on a Key West beach, he’s the kind of guy your mother wouldn’t let you play with, and he’s every bad guy’s worst nightmare. Nick Seven is back in “One Way Out,” another fast-paced romantic adventure from award-winning, bestselling author Tim Smith.” –T. M. Savage, Impact Weekly

This is a sexy, stylish thriller with a savvy, no-nonsense hero.” – L.A. Johnson, Midwest Book Review

Nick Seven is our man for the 21st century. Nick hangs out in Key Largo and you will, too, when you join Nick and Felicia in their latest adventure. Three cheers for Seven!” – Don Wright, syndicated columnist.


The scent of patchouli from a burning candle permeated Nick and Felicia’s bedroom, accompanied by smooth piano jazz from the stereo. The room was dark, and the window was open to let in fresh night air along with the sound of waves gently hitting the seawall in the channel. Nick lay on his back with one arm behind his head on the pillow, his eyes closed, enjoying the peacefulness. Felicia curled up next to him, her naked body close to his while gently running her fingers over his bare chest. He relaxed under her gentle touch.

This is nice,” Nick muttered.

Very relaxing,” she softly concurred.

You always like to burn scented candles when we’re trying to unwind,” he observed. “How do you decide which scent?”

If we’re really tense, I’ll burn somethin’ like this or ocean breeze. If it’s to freshen a stuffy room, it might be apple cinnamon. Around Christmas time, I’ll burn evergreen or pine.”

Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.”

How do you decide which music to play?”

Depends on what we’re doing. If I’m working on something or we’re just hanging around the house, it’s Miles Davis, Count Basie, or Buddy Rich. If we’re having a romantic evening, I like piano music like this. Or maybe Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Nat Cole.”

Yeah, you always seem to match the music with the mood.”

Thank you. I try not to play Louis Prima when we’re feeling intimate.”

Felicia laughed. “Yeah, all that jump, jive, and wail stuff would be distractin’.”

Nick rolled over and placed his palm on Felicia’s cheek. They stared into each other’s eyes while moving closer until their lips met. Nick gently kissed her. She returned his passion, massaging his lips with hers. Their tongues dueled in a sensuous erotic dance as their kissing became more intense and passionate. Nick’s hand strayed to Felicia’s firm breast and cupped it, gently massaging her nipple until it was as hard as a gumdrop.

Felicia exhaled a deep contented breath. “Wow.”

He kissed her. “You’re the most passionate lover.”

I always knew you’d be a good lover. Even before we sealed the deal the first time.”

How did you know that?”

Because you’re a good kisser. Where you have one, you have the other.”

Nick reached up and brushed back a strand of hair from her sweaty forehead. “You mean after we kissed the first time, even though I didn’t make a move, you knew what kind of lover I’d be?”

Mm-hmm. Surprised?”

Astonished. You must tell me your secret someday.”

She kissed him. “Some things are better left unspoken.”

About the Author

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Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author of romantic mystery/thrillers and contemporary erotic romance. His novels featuring former CIA agent Nick Seven have garnered several awards and international critical praise. He is also a freelance writer, blogger, editor and photographer. When he isn’t pursuing those interests, he can be found in the Florida Keys, doing research in between parasailing and seeking out the perfect Mojito.



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Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on your latest addition to your long-running series!

Do NIck and Felicia ever get older?

Tim Smith said...

Thank you for having me as your guest today, Lisabet. Nick and Felicia have likely aged a bit, but I've just avoided writing any birthday party scenes!

Carol Guy said...

I'm in the process of reading "One Way Out" now. Believe me, you don't want to miss this newest Nick Seven adventure. A real page turner.

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