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Irresistible lust, inexplicable sympathy – #NewRelease #Menage #Instalove #MFRWsteam

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Welcome to the last MFRW Steam Hop for 2023!

Today I’m sharing a bit from my sizzling new release Wild about That Thing, a contemporary ménage erotic romance set in a New York City blues club.

I tend to shy away from the “instalove” trope except in paranormal stories where I can blame it on magic, but this book is an exception. This is partly because the character of Remy is based on a man I actually observed at a blues performance a few years ago. Something about that man made a huge emotional and erotic impression on me. I didn’t act on my own feelings, but in this book I allowed my heroine Ruby to succumb to the chemistry.


She’s always been proud of her sensual nature. Now it seems to have landed her in an impossible situation. Two lovers…and she wants them both.

Ruby Jones has clear priorities. Her teenage son comes first, then her struggling blues club. Her love life ranks as a distant third, despite the efforts of Zeke Chambers to convince her otherwise. Zeke's the lead singer in her house band, a devoted friend, and an occasional lover. He can drive her wild with desire, but can't get her to make a commitment. Deserted by her cheating ex-husband, Ruby's determined she's going to make it on her own. She's hot-blooded like her bluesman daddy, happy to satisfy her physical cravings, but she's not about to let any man into her heart.

The stranger who takes the stage on open mike night upsets the delicate balance in Ruby's world. From the moment Ruby sets eyes on him, Remy Saint-Michel inspires irresistible lust and inexplicable sympathy. Confused, guilty and worried about her prized independence, Ruby decides that the only way to deal with the two men is to push them both away. Zeke and Remy, however, have other ideas.

Note: Wild about That Thing was previously published by Totally Entwined. This new edition has been revised and re-edited.

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Excerpt (Explicit)

Ten-thirty-five and still no sign of him. Ruby was ready to flee back to the safety of Zeke’s arms when a black stretch limo glided up to the curb. The rear door popped open.

Ruby.” The lush warmth of Remy’s voice melted her. “Get in.”

She seemed to flow into the dim, leather-scented interior, her bones like jelly, her flesh malleable as soft wax. The door had scarcely closed when he gathered her to his body, taking her over. His smooth lips demanded a surrender she gave gladly. He sucked the breath from her lungs then returned it, perfumed with anise. His kiss was all-consuming, driving out the last shreds of rational thought.

Ruby,” he murmured into her hair, tearing open the buttons of her blouse, scooping her breasts out of her bra and cradling them in his palms. “I haven’t been able to think about anything but you.” He rolled her straining nipples between his fingers.

His touch opened the flood gates in her sex. In an instant, she had returned to the place he’d left her hours ago—soaked, wide open and desperate for his cock. She broke their embrace and hauled her voluminous skirt to her waist, exposing her drenched panties. Her moist ocean scent filled the vehicle. His nostrils flared and his lips curled into a smile.

Leaning towards her, he drew a fingertip across the wet fabric hiding her pussy. Her inner muscles tightened as sensation spiraled through her. He circled her engorged clit with the pad of his thumb. “Oh…!” Her breath came quick and shallow. Pleasure twined through her, coiling into an aching knot on the verge of unraveling.

Impatient with Remy’s teasing, Ruby yanked her bikini down her legs. Her companion buried his fingers in her pubic fur, seeking her center. “Yes…!” she hissed as he flicked at the swollen bead of flesh. “Ah…” She arched up, lightning coursing along her spine. Still kneading her clit, he sank two fingers into her slick folds. She struggled to open wider, to take him deeper. The elastic waistband of her underwear bit into her thighs.

Be still,” Remy ordered. “Don’t move.” A flash in the shadowed space of the car, a brush of cold steel against her skin, and the inconvenient garment fell away, leaving her naked and empty.

But not for long. Remy tugged at his zipper and his cock sprang free, urgent and proud. It glistened with pre-cum in the intermittent flashes of light coming through the tinted windows. Saliva pooled on Ruby’s tongue. She wanted to taste him, to swallow him whole. More than that, though, she wanted his hard dick inside her, stretching her, filling the aching chasm between her legs.

His eyes met hers, burning with lust in the half-darkness. It took no more than five seconds for him to roll a condom down over his rigid organ. Then he was looming over her, one knee on the seat, the other leg braced on the floor. He seized her thighs, holding them apart, and drove his cock into her hungry cunt.

Yes! Ruby felt instant relief as his silky hardness slid over her heated tissues and settled in her depths. With his cock buried to the hilt, he ground his pubis against hers, triggering frantic spasms in her clit. She was close to coming already. He pulled back. The sucking sound of her clinging pussy-flesh filled the small space. Before she could process her new emptiness, he rammed back into her, taking her over once more.

Remy…” she moaned as he pierced her again, and yet again. She tried to wrap her legs around his waist. With a growl, he forced her thighs back open. She understood what he wanted, without him saying a word. Stillness…and surrender. She lay motionless beneath him and simply let him fuck her.

It was glorious. He plunged his rod into her pussy, again and again, seeming to increase the force with every entry. Ruby’s fingernails scored the upholstery as she hung on for dear life. Each stroke sent currents of pleasure sizzling through her. Her clit beat in time with her lover’s thrusts. Taut and trembling, she teetered on the edge of release.

She searched the face hovering above her. Remy’s usual composure had vanished, to be replaced by a fierce glee. His brows knotted with effort. His lips drew back in a tense grin, exposing gleaming white teeth. He wielded his cock like a sword, slashing into her, possessing her. She yielded without a struggle.

Their eyes met. Take me, she thought—or maybe whispered—letting her last barriers fall. Faint tremors of climax stirred in her depths, slowly bubbling to the surface.

All at once, he was open, too. She sensed pride, gratitude, triumph. Underneath ran a thread of despair. She read it all in his face. For all his power, this man was fragile, wounded, broken.

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So many potent, powerful moments - here's one I love (it was hard to choose) "Take me, she thought—or maybe whispered—" Marvelous excerpt.

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