Sunday, December 3, 2023

Calling all romance authors! #RomanceCovers #SuperSale @AmberDaulton1

Satin Rose Designs sale banner

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, then you’ll be familiar with the name Amber Daulton. A regular visitor at Beyond Romeance, she writes steamy, suspenseful erotic romance stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

However, you might not know that Amber has an alter-ego. She’s also the owner and primary artist at Satin Rose Designs, a cover art company specializing in romance. After all, who knows more what makes a great romance cover than someone who writes in the genre?

I personally think her covers stand out in terms of both originality and quality of execution. Meanwhile, during the month of December, she’s running a huge sale.

I’ll let her tell you about it...

Satin Rose banner 2

It’s time for my End-of-Year Annual Sale at Satin Rose Designs. In December, all month long, each premade book cover is only $20—that’s 60% off the regular price!

To get this amazing bargain, select the cover(s) you want and either fill out the submission form found on each product page or just message me to get the ball rolling. I’ll need your Paypal address to send the invoice, and I’ll begin the work once the invoice is paid. You’ll get three FREE review rounds to ask for any changes to the text. Typically, premades are sold AS IS, but if you need a small tweak like changing eye color or moving a small vector from point A to point B, I should be able to work with that. Just ask me.

You can learn more and check out my cover galleries here:

I specialize in Contemporary Romance, but I also have Chick Lit/Rom Com, Historical, Holiday, Paranormal/Fantasy, and SciFi covers in stock. Just to give you some idea, I've included a few samples below.

Clubber's Paradise cover

The Lady and the Snowbird cover

One Night in Spooksville cover

More covers will be premiered in January, so I’d love to clean out my current inventory.

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Any questions? Message me via my site’s Contact page, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

* * *

By the way, I just bought a cover from her, which I will be using for a new release after the new year. I certainly know a bargain when I see one!


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Amber Daulton said...

Thank you for sharing my sale, Lisabet, and for purchasing one of my covers!

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