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Two beautiful, brilliant, potent men – hers to command – #MFRWsteam #Menage #SteamPunk

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For this month’s MFRW Steam Hop, I’m returning to my steam punk erotica trilogy The Toymakers Guild. Today’s excerpt comes from Book 3, The Master’s Mark. I’m planning to release the entire series as a boxed set on Kindle Unlimited sometime soon... As soon as I can find the time to reformat and re-edit it!

Meanwhile, here’s a spicy ménage excerpt. It’s not as steamy as it could be – I cut it short before the main action begins – but sometimes anticipation is as hot as action.



How do you train a steampunk sexbot?

Gillian Smith’s promotion to journeyman proves she’s ready to lead the Toymakers in producing astonishing new erotic artifacts. Creative, brilliant, and debauched, she’ll stretch her capabilities to the limit as she juggles a talent shortage and a pair of jealous rivals. Then there’s the challenge of their latest commission—a life-sized programmable sex doll intended to replace a client’s deceased paramour.

Normally she would consult the enigmatic Master Toymaker, but he seems preoccupied with his own concerns. Though her lusty crew of sexual renegades can offer technical and carnal assistance, Gillian is ultimately responsible for delivering the promised, near-impossible technology.

It’s fortunate she’s not one to give up—not even when events threaten the Guild’s very survival.



There was a soft knock. She started, then giggled. Was she, Gillian Smith of the Toymakers Guild, really so nervous at the prospect of sex?

Barefoot, she padded across the floor to open the door. Jeremiah and Rafe stood side by side in the corridor. Rafe clutched one hand with the other in front of his trousers, white knuckles testifying to his anxiety. The Jamaican had his hands in his pockets, but his apprehensive expression didn’t match his casual pose.

As she recognised their tension, her own nervousness abated. The last thing she wanted was to cause them distress. She summoned the warmest smile she could manage.

Good evening, gentlemen. Please, come in.”

There was an awkward moment in which each of the young men held back to allow the other to enter. Finally, Gillian took hold of their hands and drew them into her chamber. Rafe’s grip was icy; Jeremiah’s palm was damp with sweat. The brief contacts jacked up her heartbeat and sent blood rushing to her clit and nipples.

She shut the door, then faced them. Rafe’s eyes grew wide as he took in her state of dishabille. Jeremiah’s nostrils flared while his lips pulled back from his teeth like a cat scenting its prey.

The pale journeyman’s fists were clenched by his thighs, as if he were afraid of what he might do. “Jill, you look – absolutely beautiful!”

Beyond beautiful,” Jeremiah agreed, licking his full lips. “Exquisite. Stunning.”

She felt a blush warming her cheeks, though of course she’d hoped to impress them. Obviously she’d succeeded. “Thank you. For your compliments, and for joining me tonight.”

Nothing on earth could have kept me away,” said Rafe. “Have you any idea how much I’ve missed you?”

I’ve some idea. I’ve missed you, too. Both of you.”

She swept her eyes from one to the other and back. How was she going to manage this? How could she share herself with these two men she cared for so much, without one or the other feeling short-changed?

Far less relaxed than she probably appeared, she stepped between them and strolled across the room toward the bed. She felt heat of their gaze on her bare shoulders and silk-clad backside. A few feet from the bedstead, she turned. “As you have undoubtedly noticed, I’m not wearing much. I suggest you also remove your clothes.”

The two men looked at one another in consternation.

Remembering the test of the artificial vagina, when both had bared their cocks, she found their hesitance surprising. The context apparently made a difference. In the lab, they’d been surrounded by a group of randy Toymakers. Now they were being asked to expose their endowments to her alone. Despite their apparent truce, the two men were likely worried about her comparative evaluation. Neither one wanted to fall short in her eyes.

She tried to reassure them. “Come now! There’s no reason to be shy.” Her sigh was deliberately exaggerated. “Unless, of course, you’re so uncomfortable that you want to leave. Which I would find most regrettable...”

No, no,” Jeremiah blurted out. “Don’t dismiss us, please!” He shrugged off his waistcoat, tossed it onto a chair, then began unbuttoning his shirt.

Catalysed by his companion’s activity, Rafe followed suit. In minutes both stood bare-chested before her. She drank in the glorious sight of their semi-nakedness.

Rafe hadn’t an ounce of fat on his torso. The hard contours of his pectorals and biceps stood out, sharp and clear. His war-time scar broke the symmetry, a livid slash against the alabaster background of his skin. For the most part, he was hairless, but a fuzzy dark line extended down from his navel to disappear into his trousers in a most enticing manner.

Jeremiah was both taller and bulkier than Rafe, though still lean. He had broader shoulders and narrower hips, but his muscles were less well-defined. His smooth brown skin gleamed in the lamplight, flowing over the swell of his chest and the slight hollow of his abdomen.

Rafe wore an expression of concentration. Jeremiah flashed her a weak grin.

The contrast between them excited her beyond belief.

That’s a good start, but I’m sure you know I’m not satisfied with half-measures.”

Her visitors shared another tense glance before returning their gaze to her.

She let her palms glide across the slithery fabric of the chemise, over her breasts and across her belly. The slow, sensuous gesture stoked the fire raging between her thighs. “The longer you delay, the less time we’ll have to enjoy ourselves.”

Oh, blast it all! I can’t stand any more!” Rafe ripped open his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles, along with his linen drawers. His familiar cock sprang out, bouncing in the wake of his energetic movements. Long and slender, its cap gleaming wetly in the gaslight, it bobbed up and down as he awkwardly shed his footwear.

Saliva gathered on Gillian’s tongue. She’d always adored feasting on his manhood, but tonight it looked especially appetising.

In seconds he’d rid himself of his remaining garments. He kicked them into a corner and took a step forward, his arms spread wide. “Here I am, Jill. I’m all yours. Do with me what you will.”

The temptation to kneel and swallow him was almost irresistible. She suspected that would seem like favouritism. Still, didn’t her long-time lover deserve a reward for his courage?

Fortunately Jeremiah distracted her by undoing his buttons and releasing his own prick, shorter, thicker and much darker than Rafe’s. “I can only echo that sentiment,” he said as he let his pants slide down his powerful thighs to the floor. “Anything you want, lady – anything you want to do – just ask.”

A wave of lust washed over her, followed by a dizzying sense of power. Two beautiful, brilliant, potent men – hers to command! Salacious notions flooded her brain. She wanted to taste them. She wanted to fuck them. She wanted them to take control, to fill her with so much cock-flesh that she’d burst. So many possibilities! Where to begin?

Paralysed by indecision, she swept her eyes from one eager face to the other. They were fully open to her now, all hesitation gone, waiting for her to make her wishes known. Their eyes burned with desire, but she read something else in their faces as well.

Utter devotion.

Passion flared higher, tempered now with gratitude and deep affection. She reached for them. “Come here, both of you.” Grasping their outstretched hands, she pulled them closer, so that they flanked her. On her left, Jeremiah slipped his arms around her waist, holding her tight. His rigid dick pressed against her, pre-cum soaking into the silk. To her right, Rafe tucked her under his arm, grasping her far shoulder while his lean chest brushed the sensitive side of her breast.

She raised her face to his. “Kiss me,” she murmured, almost swooning from the sensual overload.

Rafe bent to seal her lips with his, pouring his hunger into the connection between them. For the first time, she fully understood how desperate her banishment had made him. It’s over now, my love, she broadcast, returning his kiss with equal intensity. We’re together again.

Wet heat pulled her out of the endless, ecstatic embrace. Jeremiah was busy under her left ear, planting lush little kisses on her tender skin. He swept his tongue down her neck, then traced the line of her clavicle, sending sparks sizzling down to her clit.

Now you, Jeremiah.” She scarcely had to move to bring their mouths together. His smiling lips were softer than Rafe’s. His tongue teased her, urging her to open so he could consume more of her essence. She tasted his characteristic spice, mixed with the distinctive flavour of strong ale. Liquid courage? As she sank deeper into the kiss, she understood that his cockiness was all a facade. He was as needy as Rafe. The weeks of deprivation had nearly broken him.

Can I really do this? she wondered. Can I satisfy them both?

By Maxwell’s daemon, she was certainly going to try.


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Adriana said...

so much power in a single line:
"Utter devotion."
great excerpt.

Fiona McGier said...

I missed the deadline to sign up for this month! Oh well--there's always the next one. And this is a particularly great excerpt, full of passion and longing! Loved this book!

Gale Stanley said...

I love a hot menage story. Thanks for sharing.

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost said...

Gillian is probably my favorite of the characters you've created. She certainly has no shortage of hot partners to choose from!

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