Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Review Tuesday: My Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange -- #LGBTQ #ParanormalRomance #ReviewTuesday

My Zombie Boyfriend cover

My Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange

Self Published, 2017

Edward Grey, medical student and necromancer-in-training, lives a simple and somewhat isolated life. He knows he’s gay, after a fling with a morgue attendant who’s even more entangled with death than Edward himself, but he can’t really imagine having a serious relationship. Who would want a shy, awkward nerd whose social life revolves around his parents and his mangy, temperamental zombie cat Boo?

Then one evening, walking home through the park, Edward discovers the freshly murdered corpse of a seriously attractive young man. He feels compelled to drag the body home and bring it back to life. The resurrected hottie, whom Edward christens “Kit”, has no memory at all of his former identity, but exhibits far more personality and individual will than the typical zombie. Before long, Kit has redecorated Edward’s house, found a job as a barista, and started dressing Edward in the same fashionable, preppie clothes he personally favors.

Gradually, Edward and his reanimated roommate grow closer; sex with a zombie turns out to be surprisingly satisfying. When Kit stumbles on the truth of his murder, however, he turns into an uncontrollable monster fresh out of a horror film.

I’ve read a number of novels by T. Strange. I’m always impressed by their originality and unpredictability. My Zombie Boyfriend is no exception. It’s ironic, peculiar and twisted, edged with horror and seasoned with a pleasant touch of lust. It’s also subtly funny, though I was a bit surprised so see it labeled as a rom-com on the Amazon page.

The book doesn’t have the emotional weight of some of T. Strange’s work. (In particular, I found Rook far more intense and memorable.) However, it’s well-written, entertaining, and full of unexpected pleasures. How can you not love a series entitled “The Undead Canadians”?

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