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No woman is going to break through his wall -- #RomanticSuspense #SlowBurn #Giveaway @StellaAnnGeorge

Note by Note cover

Note by Note was originally published on Kindle Vella as a serial story. It is a slow burn romantic suspense, about 2.5 on the spicy scale.

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For Finn Cooper, being a billionaire has the usual perks - fine dining, jet setting around the world, and beautiful women. However, no woman is going to break through his wall; he won’t allow himself to be that vulnerable again. But when the plane he is piloting crashes, an independent and capable woman leaves him questioning all he thought he knew about love.

For Jessica Turner, a fateful flight from Sydney to Tasmania turns her world upside down. Surviving in an isolated cabin with a well-known playboy is just the beginning of a journey that tosses the music teacher out of her safe, secure life. Falling for his charm is easy; guarding her heart is another matter.

In a search for answers about their mysterious circumstances, Finn and Jessica find themselves in an increasingly dangerous world neither of them could have imagined. Staying one step ahead of deadly outside forces makes falling in love a little … complicated.


Finn froze, unable to move, vague fear gripping him. 

“Finn, what’s wrong?”

Yeah, Finn, what is happening? Isn't this what I've been waiting for? Here she is, ready, willing, and able, and I'm hesitating. I love her. I admitted it to myself the night at the museum. I've been waiting for the perfect moment to tell her. Instead, she told me first. When we've been closer than we've ever been before, it's what I've been hoping for, isn't it? Why am I not telling her I love her, too, sweeping her off her feet, and carrying her back to that bed to make wild, passionate love to her???

I think we've lost the mood.” That sounded lame even to him.

We’ll have to find it again.” She slid his arm around her waist and leaned up to kiss him. She traced his lips with her tongue, but he didn’t respond. She pulled back. “Want to tell me what’s bothering you? It’s apparent there’s something serious.”

I ... this isn’t the right time. I think we could both use a good night’s sleep.”

Hey, it’s okay. You can tell me anything,” she echoed his earlier words.

It’s nothing.”

It’s something if it’s enough to interfere with tonight.”

We’re talking about spending the night together.”

Jessica frowned. “You seemed perfectly fine with it before. You said all I had to do was say the word. What changed?”

She stepped away from him. “Oh no, this can’t be happening.” She poured herself a splash of brandy and gulped it as Finn had done earlier. “Not again. I’ve spent the entire evening trying to seduce you, and I’ve made a total fool of myself. You don’t want to make love to me at all. It’s like Tim said. I’m a cold fish."

No, no, nothing could be further from the truth.”

Then what is it? I mean, I understand what happened when we were in the cabin. Neither one of us was ready then. But now? We’re in a whole different place. I love you.”

Realization dawned. “That’s it, isn’t it? I’ve scared you off.” She began to pace the room. “Finn, I only told you I love you because I wanted you to know how important tonight is ... was ... to me. How important you are to me.” She walked back to him. “I didn’t tell you because I expected anything in return. You don’t have to say it back. There are no strings, no promises. I just want to be with you.”

I can’t. Not tonight.”

You mean not ever.”

That’s not true.”

Sure it is, Finn. You’ve made love to plenty of women even when you haven’t been in love with them. But for some reason, I am an exception.”

"It’s not you; it’s me."

Jessica's hurt was turning to anger. "Did you just give me that old break up line?”

No, of course not! I’m trying to explain what’s happening here.”

There’s nothing happening. That’s the problem. You have no idea how nervous I’ve been all day, how hard this has been, knowing you’ve been with other women much more experienced than I am. How worried I’ve been that I would disappoint you.”

Finn reached out to touch her face. “You could never disappoint me.”

Jessica searched his eyes. “Then what is it, Finn? I don’t understand.”

I’m not ready. I thought I was, but ... I need some space. We both need some space. This is an important decision.”

Important decision? This isn’t a business merger. We’re talking about two people who care about each other making love.”

Jessica’s anger was getting the best of her. “Why don’t you tell me the truth instead of all these excuses? You were more than ready before Hannah and Ethan showed up.”

She began to pace again. “I’m sorry. If you’ve changed your mind, I can accept that. But I would at least like an explanation.”

I don’t want to hurt you, Jess. But my past keeps catching up with me. I need some time. I’m not sure …”

Not sure what?”

That I can return your feelings,” he admitted.

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About the Author

Stella Ann George lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, son, and her adorable long-haired chihuahua, Holly. She has been an avid reader all of her life. Her love of writing began in 4th grade when her teacher would post a picture in his classroom every Monday morning. By Friday, everyone had to write a story about it. She also loves to travel and has been around the USA, to Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. Her love of Australia inspired this story.

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You’re welcome Colleen. I’m very proud of it. Hope readers will enjoy it.

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