Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Snog 223: Incognito (#lesbian #taboo #bestseller)

I spent most of today working on a story targeted for Best Lesbian Erotica 2017. So I thought I’d treat you to a bit of F/F naughtiness for today’s Sunday Snog.

This bit is from new edition of Incognito. Yes, that book does include some lesbian encountersalong with everything else!

When you’re done here, hop over to Sunday Snog Central, where Victoria Blisse will treat you to more sexy kisses.

Oh, and if you’ve a mind to check out Incognito for yourself, here are some buy links:

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Totally Bound

All Romance
An All Romance Best Seller!

Miranda’s blood roared in her ears. Here was the answer to her question. Lucy was clearly aroused by the sight, the thought, of women having sex with each other. Almost without thinking, she slid off the sofa and kneeled on the carpet next to her friend. “You are a nasty little girl, Lucy,” she murmured, taking Lucy’s head in both hands and pulling their mouths together into a wet, probing kiss.

She felt Lucy’s body stiffen briefly, as if in surprise. Then her friend opened her mouth and welcomed Miranda’s tongue. Miranda sensed hands, Lucy’s hands, exploring her, tracing the line of her hips, cupping her breasts, delicately fingering her nipples. So, Lucy—I was right about you.

Miranda reached behind Lucy’s neck and unfastened the button that held the two sides of the halter top together. Still deep in the kiss, she peeled the velvet dress down Lucy’s form, exposing the blonde’s firm breasts. Her eyes were closed, but she had seen Lucy unclothed. She could imagine the peach-smooth skin swelling up, the rose-hued nipples straining forward, aching for a touch. She caught one of them between her first and second fingers. It nestled there, in the sensitive place where the fingers met, driving her crazy. She applied a bit of pressure and felt the nubbin of flesh swell and harden further. Lucy gave a low moan.

I’ll bet she is really wet, thought Miranda. Without releasing the captured nipple, she slipped her other hand under Lucy’s skirt. She expected to find damp undergarments. Instead, her fingers touched slick, hot, hairless flesh.

A bolt of excitement shot through her. She’s as much a slut as I am. Without preamble, she sank her middle finger deep into the other woman’s cunt and swirled it in a circle. Lucy’s muscles clenched around the intruding finger. Miranda probed deeper, forcing those muscles to relax. Inside, Lucy was like drenched velvet, smooth as a dream, hot as molten lava. The sensation almost made Miranda swoon. Meanwhile, Lucy collapsed backwards onto the pillow. She lay there, thighs wide, dress crumpled around her waist, eyes shut, hands frantically kneading her own breasts.

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