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Fresh Tarts

By KC Vixen (Guest Blogger)

Firstly I would like to thank Lisabet for allowing me to post here.

Now an introduction, I am a new, well make that very new, Erotic Romance author. I write under the name of KC Vixen, oh yes, I am bit of a foxy lady. I am a long time published author in other romantic genres, but a writing friend, Lacey Roberts, suggested I try my hand at writing an erotic romance. I did, and I am hooked.

I have so far published two novellas, The Schooling Of Virgins and Satan’s Wench, and a third is almost finished.

I don’t know whether I have been walking around with my eyes closed never noticing a thing, but yesterday something strange happened.

My hubby loves grocery shopping. He can wander around for hours looking at things, says it relaxes him, while I am trailing along behind him grinding my teeth, because I hate it. My husband had heard of a new shopping mall opening up and he was eager to try it. Grudgingly I went with him, but I refused to go into the supermarket with him. Hell, I had been in the middle of a great sex scene for my upcoming story when he suggested we go out. The juices had been really flowing (in more ways than one).

I stood outside the supermarket fuming. What a waste of time I thought. Anyway, I glanced across to the other side of the shopping mall and at the top of the window, I saw a sign and I burst out laughing. I couldn’t see what type of shop it was because there were several people standing around blocking my view but I was able to read – Fresh Tarts. Obviously a cake shop, or maybe not?

The Schooling of Virgins

In a cloistered, 17th century English village, a young woman’s virginity is prized above all else. Fraternisation with Outsiders is forbidden.

Emma’s cruel guardian, Gideon Batlow, rules the maidens of his kingdom with zealous piety, the sting of his cane on their bare buttocks, and the enforced wearing of crotch straps. Can Emma escape Gideon’s shackles, and find passion with the man she loves? An Outsider.

Satan's Wench

Alexander Satan owns the Pleasure Palace, an exclusive gentleman’s club where carnal delights abound.

Emerald is the auburn haired beauty he rescued from the sea. While training her to become his sex slave, they unwittingly fall in love.

When Emerald is captured by Slave Traders, will Alex be prepared to give up his hedonistic lifestyle to save her?

Excerpt from Satan's Wench

Mas’r, Mas’r.”

Where the hell had Samuel been all this time? And how dare he yell out like that. Alexander Satan strode from his study. I’ve a damn mind to whip his black ass.

He skidded to a halt in the vaulted hallway. His man was dripping wet and he carried a girl in his arms. She was drenched also.

Found her in the water near the cove, Mas’r,” he panted. “Her nearly drowned, must be off the whore ship that sank.”

The girl was barefoot. She only wore a torn, stained shift and her pubic hair was clearly shown off by the wet, almost transparent cloth. Her long auburn tresses trailed over Samuel’s arms like liquid fire, and Alex’s groin tightened.

Take her to the kitchen,” he said. If she hadn’t been such a beauty he wouldn’t have followed Samuel to the kitchen, but he couldn’t resist the urge to gaze upon this wench’s naked body.

Samuel laid the girl on the scrubbed kitchen table. “Now get your own clothes off before you catch a chill, Alex ordered. As Samuel stripped off his sodden jacket and bent down to pull off his ballooning trousers, Alex glanced at his back. The criss-crossing scars and puckered skin bore testament to the numerous severe whippings he had received from a previous owner.

Get something to dry her with.” Hell’s teeth, Samuel was well hung. His black dick stretched ten inches or more. It was secured on one side by cock rings attached to a band on his inner thigh to prevent from him getting an erection.

The wench was unconscious, little wonder with a huge bump on her forehead. The shift was ruined so he ripped it from her and threw it on the floor. Her skin was white and smooth as the finest porcelain, her breasts were high and tight, crowned with dusky pink nipples. A tantalizing wedge of auburn pubic hair had him stretching out his hand to tweak some of the curls, before he slid his finger into her clit.

Samuel returned with towels. Alex snatched them out of his hands and started drying the girl. No, not a girl, she was a young woman. Seventeen or so, if he was any judge. She whimpered and her eyes flickered open. He had never seen such a brilliant green before.

Get some clothes on man. I’m sick of looking at that big black dick of yours.” Samuel, grinning, bent down and pulled on the harem type pants he always wore indoors.

Her naked body was flawless, her skin smooth as fine porcelain, her rose tipped breasts creamy mounds of perfection. Her stomach was flat and smooth, her legs and thighs slim and shapely. He felt an overwhelming desire to bury his face in the triangle of pubic fluff. He wanted to open her, part the soft pink lips guarding her female recess and slide his tongue into her lush clit, to taste the sweet nectar he felt sure he would find there. Hell’s teeth, he admonished himself. Stop behaving like a cunt-struck youth.

He couldn’t remember ever having seen a more exquisite wench. He dried her hair first, lifting the gossamer strands up before dropping them. They tumbled over her shoulders and splayed out over her chest. Carefully he patted her body dry with the towel, lifting up her breasts, rubbing the nipples until the pale ruby buds burst forth from their dusky areolas. Squatting down he slid the towel up her legs. He was shocked to notice a tremor in his hands by the time he reached her inner thigh.

His forehead rested against her belly, he only had to stick out his tongue. He clenched his teeth, nudged her thighs apart with one hand and gently dried her. She smelt of salt, sand and woman.

He fought to control the rising desire her naked beauty aroused in him. His cock felt hard, a huge bulge straining against the cloth of his pants. His balls became sensitive, almost painful as they tightened in his crotch.

She was awake now, glancing around with fear filled eyes.

What’s your name?”

He got a blank green eyed stare. “I…I don’t know,” she said in a soft English midlands accent.


Where am I?”

At my home, I’m Alexander Satan.” Bastard son of Lord Trengowey and a tavern wench, he could have added, but didn’t. Hatred rose up in his breast every time he thought of the injustice perpetrated on his mother.

His cock throbbed now. Why in the hell didn’t he spread the wench’s legs and take her right here and now in the kitchen? Impale her on his throbbing cock, letting the weight of her body push him into her deepest most succulent depths? She was only a harlot off Jacque’s sunken whore ship, and his friend and partner would have no such qualms. He vigorously tried out every slave woman he bought off the auction blocks of New Orleans, before shipping the best of them to England to work in his exclusive men’s club. The wealthy clients who frequented the Pleasure Palace paid high prices and expected the best, and that is what they got. Every sexual whim was catered for, every carnal desire satisfied, by beautiful, skilful women.

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Great post KC, love your books and love the blogsite, Lisabet.

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Hi Lacey,
Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.

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Welcome to Beyond Romance, KC!

I *love* your covers, especially The Education of Virgins. Bound to catch a reader's eye!

and then your juicy content will make them stay to read...!

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Thanks, Lacey.

You're very welcome to come by and share some of your spicy book with my readers, too!

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Thanks Lisabet for hosting me.

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