Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snog: More Delights from Rajasthani Moon

Tomorrow is the beginning of my two week long Rajasthani Moon excerpt tour. Each day the book will be featured at a different blog, with a different excerpt at each one. Some excerpts are steampunk, some BDSM, some paranormal, some sweet romance, and of course some offer the X-rated shenanigans you've come to expect from me.

I'm giving away a $50 book store gift certificate as my grand prize. In addition, one person who comments at each stop will receive a book from my back list.

Here's the schedule for the tour:
For today's snog, I've got an excerpt that won't show up anywhere else. You'll have to read closely, though. The kiss is fast and furious. After you're done with my snog, I hope you'll head over to Victoria's place. As usual, I'm sure she and all her author friends will have many more delicious kisses for you to enjoy.

In three long steps, the man was behind her, peering over her shoulder. “How is your research proceeding, Miss Harrowsmith?” He didn’t touch her—not quite—but his body heat penetrated her thin garments. To her mortification, her nipples sprang to eager attention and answering heat bloomed in her quim. She was grateful that Amir did not seem to notice. Instead he picked up the grimoire, blowing dust off the battered cover.

A Guide to Conjuring, Curses and Incantations,” he translated, haltingly, from his mother’s tongue into the English he normally used with Cecily. “You can read this?”

To some extent. I can make out most of the words, but the content is, as you might expect, fairly obscure. I’m working my way through the chapter on hexes, but so far I haven’t encountered any spells related to shape-changing.”

Hmm. And what’s this?” His grip closed around her wrists, wresting them apart to reveal the volume beneath. “The Science of Energy. I haven’t looked at that book for years! Crotchety old Professor Moorehead’s class…” In a flash, he’d dragged her hands behind her back and secured them to the chair with one of his infernal piezoelectric cuffs. Seizing a fistful of her hair, he pulled her head back until their eyes met. His sparkled with evil delight. “I don’t quite see what this has to do with curing my brother of his affliction, however.”
Cecily kept quiet. She’d been caught in the act—the Rajah was more than intelligent enough to understand her sudden interest in energy technology.

He tugged at her scalp. “You’ve been snooping, haven’t you? Trying to uncover the secret to our remarkable prosperity?” Reaching around her body, he cupped the underside of one heavy breast then delivered a vicious pinch to her already-swollen nipple. Despite her intention to remain silent, she could not suppress her gasp at the sudden pain. He trailed one finger along the tender outer curve. The throbbing ache evaporated as sparks sizzled through her, igniting a blaze between her thighs. “What a very a naughty girl you are, Cecily! Now I’ll have to punish you again. I would have supposed you’d had enough last night, but clearly I was wrong.”

Release me this instant, Amir.” Cecily managed to invest her voice with enough authority that he actually did loose his grip on her hair. In truth, the idea of another session in the dungeon terrified her. It wasn’t the whip she feared, or even the cane. What she couldn’t face was her own reaction to Amir’s and Pratan’s abuse—the helpless arousal their indignities engendered. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

You are supposed to be searching for the key to Pratan’s curse. To the extent that you’re doing anything else at all, you are violating my instructions and deserve correction.” The Rajah wormed his hands under her fitted bodice to capture both her breasts briefly. Her pleasured sigh turned into a yelp as he dug his nails into her flesh. “Free my brother, and then, perhaps, we can discuss the question of Rajasthan’s mysterious power source.”

I, ah… Are you offering a bargain, sir? Oh!” Cecily’s nipples had always been sensitive. Amir alternated between teasing circles that spiralled straight to her clit and brutal twists that brought her to the edge of tears. “Ah—ow!”

Find the counter-spell. Let that be your only concern. I’ll station a guard in here with you to guarantee you’re not slacking, pursuing your own treacherous investigations. Until you find what we seek, you’ll spend all day, every day, here in the library—and every night being punished.” The Rajah snatched his hands from her bosom, leaving her frustrated and hungry.

The tension around her wrists relaxed as he unfastened the cuffs.

He yanked her head around to face him and delivered a brief, savage kiss that left her lips smarting. “Behave yourself, Cecily. When Pratan is free, then perhaps you’ll reap your reward.”


joye said...

wow now I have to read the rest of the story.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Joye,

If you tune in for the tour, you can read a lot more snippets for free!

(Or you can buy the book now LOL!)

laura troxel said...

I cant wait to read this book!!! Love all the excerpts!!

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