Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fire in the Blood: X-rated Excerpt

In anticipation of Monday's release, here's a super-hot ménage snippet from Fire in the Blood!

Etienne raised his woolly head from Maddy’s breast and turned to Troy. “Do you want some, boy?” he thundered. His eyes shot bolts of dark fire. His ripe mouth glistened, wet with Maddy’s blood. Animal teeth jutted from his lips, bright and terrible.

Troy froze. Who—what—was he? He remembered their conversation on the beach. Darkness. Violence. Madness. He recalled the feel of Etienne’s teeth piercing his groin. His mind reeled. At the same time, under Etienne’s gaze, his cock was hard again, as though he’d gone a week without relief instead of having just climaxed.

Come here,” the giant ordered. “Taste your lover. Drink her lifeblood. Make her yours.”

No…I can’t…” Troy stuttered, knowing he should refuse. No sane man would drink his lover’s blood. He wanted to do it, though. He wanted to feel Maddy writhing under him, wanted to give her the same ecstasy she had achieved with this other man. His cock throbbed, urging him on.

The black man climbed off Maddy’s prone body. “Etienne…” she whimpered, still shaking and weak from orgasm.

Hush, petite. I am here. And your boyfriend—Troy—is here, also, to give you pleasure.”

Troy, darling.” She opened her eyes and gave him a feeble smile. “I’m sorry…I love you too, baby…”

Mount her, Troy. Give her what she craves.”

Desire drowned out the voices of conscience and reason. Troy crawled on top of Maddy and positioned the bulb of his penis at her entrance. She was soaked. With essentially no force at all, he slipped inside.

She was a steamy jungle, a molten volcano erupting around his prick. With all of his strength, he drove his rod into her depths, grinding his flesh against hers. When he tried to retreat, she sucked him back inside, into a seething wetness that threatened to set him off when he’d barely started. He took control from her, fucking her so fast that she hardly had time to breathe, the way he’d seen Etienne fuck her. Her voice, her face, the feel of her body beneath him, everything told him she loved it.

Lick her breast,” the black man murmured in his ear. “Taste her blood.”

Red droplets welled up from the traces of Etienne’s fingernails. Simultaneously fascinated and repelled, Troy flicked up a drop with his tongue. It was hot and salty, with metallic tang. It seemed to go straight to his cock, pulsing in her slick cavern.

Troy…” she moaned. Joy bloomed in his chest. She knew it was him. She wanted him, wanted more. He lapped more firmly at the oozing scratch. She convulsed around his cock. He pulled out the swollen rodand then slammed it back in.

Etienne crouched down beside them. “You must suck hard,” he said. “That is what she enjoyss. Like this.”

To Troy’s horror, he leaned down and sank his teeth into Maddy’s breast, only inches from Troy’s face. Troy could see every detail—the needle-sharp fangs piercing the pale skin, the blood rushing out from the wound, the black cheeks hollowed with suction as the creature drank.

Maddy screamed in delight and arched off the chaise in a tremendous climax. Furious contractions milked his cock. He felt the cum boiling up his shaft and knew that in an instant he’d explode.

No,” Etienne ordered, his gore-stained mouth a breath away from Troy’s. “Not yet.” For one vertiginous instant, Troy thought that Etienne was about to kiss him. “You will come only when I am drinking from you. Not before.”

No,” Troy whimpered. “Please…” He should fight this. He should run. Maddy was lost already, but perhaps for him there was still hope. His cock throbbed in the aftershocks of Maddy’s release and he knew he was wrong.

Etienne was behind him, massaging his shoulders, stroking his hair. “There now, Troy. I know you want this. You want me. I am irresistible. That is my nature.” His powerful hands kneaded Troy’s buttocks. It all felt incredible, too good to be wrong. Troy began to relax, then tensed as Etienne brushed a fingertip across Troy’s anus.

No, not that… I can’t…”

You would not want to disappoint me, would you?” The black demon squirmed one finger into Troy’s tight knot. Rapture shot through him. Etienne opened him wider. He added a second finger. A spasm of pleasure rocked Troy’s body, forcing his cock deeper into Maddy’s cunt and waking her from the lethargy of orgasm.

Troy…” she moaned. “Fuck me, baby.”

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