Friday, July 16, 2010

News and giveaways!


Just wanted to let everyone know that my monthly newsletter is now up on my website. Just go to for information on new and upcoming releases, new contracts, and of course my monthly contest.

For July you can win a copy of my upcoming release Fire in the Blood, the day it comes out! See the newsletter for details!

No sooner did I post the newsletter, though, than I realized I had forgotten to mention some more good news. I just heard that Alessia Brio has accepted my story "Trespass" for the charity erotica collection Coming Together: By Hand. This is one of my favorite short stories, but alas it has been rejected by several editors who considered it to be too dark.

All proceeds from this collection will support The Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing informative, accurate information on sex for teens.

For more information about all the Coming Together titles, visit


susan said...

I think I am one of a few who is forced to stay inside when the weather is beautiful out..I have to stay where it is cool as I swell up like a balloon. I am on fluid pills but they only help a little. I love my books to keep my company and always trying to find new ones and new authors, love the internet as it connects me to so many nice folks. susan L.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Susan,

Sorry to hear that you have to stay inside -- but at least you make the best of it!


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