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Welcome to the MFRW Steam Hop! Once a month, those of us who write on the spicy side come out to share our erotic visions with you, our readers.

Today I have a love scene from my most recent release, Serpent’s Kiss. Like many of my paranormal romances, this one involves fated mates and supernaturally intense lust. The attraction between Jorge and Elena is irresistible because it has its roots in their magical connection.

Let me know what you think. When you’re done with my steamy excerpt, I hope you’ll visit some of the other authors participating in today’s hop, for more delicious heat.

Excerpt (Explicit)

Jorge stood just outside the cave, gazing intently down at the cultivated fields below. He seemed unaware of her. Elena watched for a moment, not wanting to disturb his concentration. A crowd in bright clothing gathered among the maize plants, obviously involved in some ceremony. Off to one side, an ancient crone with a halo of snow-white hair beat a drum in a solemn rhythm. As Elena peered over Jorge’s shoulder at the scene, the woman looked up in her direction.

A shiver ran up Elena’s spine. Despite the fact that they were hidden by a rock overhang and a row of scrubby bushes, Elena could swear the native woman saw her, or at least sensed her presence. Elena sensed something, too, not exactly menace, but a warning, a premonition of pain.

She shook her head to dispel these dark thoughts and pressed her body up against Jorge’s muscled back. Her nipples burned like live coals at the touch of his bare skin. Standing on tiptoe, she leaned close to his ear. “Jorge. I missed you.”

She felt his form tense, as though he wanted to push her away. Then he relaxed into her, allowing her to caress his swelling cock through his trousers.

Wait,” he protested, though he was already surrendering to her loving persuasion. “We need to talk. I need to explain to you, who and what I am.”

Elena ignored his protests. She turned him around to face her. He did not resist. Her lips locked on his and he melted into the kiss. It was sweet as cane, hot as molten lava. He wrapped her in his arms, pulling her tight against his firm body. His erection poked at her navel through his pants. She rubbed herself against him, teasing him, thrilling as she felt him grow harder still.

Explain later.” Her voice was husky with desire. She led him back to the pallet where she had awakened.

She slipped to her knees and untied the drawstring at his waist, then pulled his trousers down over his hips. His cock sprang out, straining towards the roof of the cave. In the torch-illumined dimness, the ruddy column of swollen flesh seemed to glow with its own light. Elena grew hungrier. She grasped him firmly, eager to taste the fluid gathering on the slick bulb, but Jorge’s hand on her tangled hair stopped her.

No, I want to taste you. You’ve already drunk from me. And it nearly killed you.”

Elena remembered the coiling fire and the green oblivion that had followed her swallowing his essence. Looking back, she recalled only the overwhelming pleasure. “Please…I’m stronger now…I know what to expect,” she protested.

But she allowed him to lay her down upon the makeshift bed and part her thighs. Every time that he touched her, he kindled new sparks of lust.

He knelt between her legs, gazing at her. “Gods, you are beautiful!” Leaning forward, he captured a nipple between his lips. Lightning arced through her body. She moaned and thrashed helplessly as he suckled her. Every flicker of his tongue echoed in her aching sex.

He transferred his attentions to her other breast, leaving the first nipple tender and throbbing. Her clit pulsed in time. She was dying for his tongue there, at her center. She tried to push his head in the direction of her groin. He laughed and grasped her wrists, holding her arms out by her sides as he continued to lick and suck at her flesh.

No, querida, not yet. Slow down and enjoy every instant. We may not have time like this again.”

His voice was light, but his words chilled her. She did not know who this man was, but she knew that she wanted him in her future. He felt the sudden tenseness in her body and looked up, into her eyes.

Do not worry, my sweet. All we ever have, any of us, is the moment. We must make the most of it and not concern ourselves about what might come.” He kissed her deeply. Strength and confidence flowed from him to her, but she caught a hint of resignation, too. Tears gathered in her eyes at the thought of losing him. He licked them away.

Even if we must part, querida, we may meet again, in some new cycle of the earth. Trust me, and let me love you.”

Love. Elena knew suddenly, with utter certainty, that he was right. He was the one for her; they both knew it. Nothing on earth or in hell could keep them apart.

Yes,” she sighed, relaxing as Jorge released her pinioned wrists. “Make love to me, Jorge.”

His agile tongue circled her nipples, then flicked at the tips, first one, then the other. The heat built between her legs, each touch adding fuel to the fire. Jorge pursed his lips at in the hollow of her throat, then began to lick his way down her torso, leaving a shimmering trail of ghost kisses as he moved on to new flesh. Through the valley between her breasts, across her flat belly, around the shallow dent of her navel, his mouth roamed, wringing cries of delight from her at every station.

At last, he reached the black curls that shielded her sex. He buried his nose in her bush. His flowing hair tickled her belly.

Ah, my love. You smell of the sea.” With gentle hands, he parted her lower lips and swept the flat of his tongue through her slick folds. “And you taste of heaven.”

She writhed and arched up to meet his mouth, lewd and demanding. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to grab his head, to force him to devour her. She held back, understanding that he wanted to proceed more slowly.

His tongue was delicate as he sampled her juices and probed her depths. He swirled it around her clit, but didn’t touch the sensitive tip. She felt new moisture welling up as he nibbled on her labia. He drew a wet circle around her tight rear entrance and she nearly exploded. The swollen bead at the apex of her sex felt ready to burst. She moaned, trying to lie still and savor every sensation—to give herself up to his questing mouth.

She closed her eyes. Jorge seemed to sense the change in her, the deeper release. He fastened his mouth directly on her clit, applying a delicious suction that sent prickles of pleasure to all her extremities. Yet at the same time, she still seemed to feel his tongue dancing in her cleft.

Not one tongue, but many, or so it seemed—flickering in every crevice, caressing every fold, rippling across the skin of her inner thighs, flirting with her sphincter. Strange, impossible, but overwhelming. She pushed away her doubts and let herself go, in pure and perfect surrender.

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Wow. So many great lines, here's just one of them: "Every time that he touched her, he kindled new sparks of lust." And a dramatic surprise ending - great scene.

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