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er Untameable Lust by A P von K’Ory

Book 2 of the Untameable Series


Adrian was born and bred to the upper crust but internally he’s a savage. He knows the rules but lives by his own. Gentleman, rogue or barbarian killer, Adrian operates by his own playbook.

Leo has enough money to purchase Manhattan and give the island to charity. But she can’t buy her way out of her entanglement with Adrian. He turns her world upside down, a malevolent god she can’t help but worship. She can’t avoid the hellish-hot Brit without avoiding herself.

Through the death of someone close, Adrian learns of the Phantom, a shadowy power who controls the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Phantom rules them one and all, down to the deadliest inmate. All the more reason Adrian is determined to find him and eliminate him. But Adrian’s plan goes wildly wrong and the bodies pile up. Will one of them be the one and only woman he’s ever loved?

NOTE: This book contains adult material, explicit sex, and violence.

What Reviewers Say

A P Von K’Ory is herself a goddess author, so it no longer surprises me that she gives readers goddess class heroines. Her alpha heroes need knee pads – they have to do a lot of kneeling before they get the goddess of their choice to kneel for them. So when such two strong-willed characters finally hit it off, it's not cloud nine, it's another galaxy altogether!  From me, a million galactic stars. ~ Annabelle O

This author is new to me so I was intrigued, and I'm glad I read this story. Leo is the kind of strong heroine that I'm obsessed with, as she managed to not let her traumatic childhood beat her down, nope, it made her even stronger. She's worked her behind off to get to where she is, and she definitely won't let anyone take it away from her. However, life is about to take a big swing at her when Adrian comes into her life, so let the games begin. I'm telling you, these two aggressive alphas made for one hell of an entertaining journey that I truly enjoyed, but I'm not going to tell you why because that would be no fun… ~ Jennifer Pierson

This is the first in a new series, and the first time I have read any of this authors’ work, and I will certainly be looking out for her work in the future. Leo survived a traumatic childhood, and she is resilient, strong, and wealthy, and has worked hard to be in the place she in now and is adamant that nobody will take this away from her. When Adrian comes into her life, she was not prepared for him, and they may be opposites like petrol and a match, but they complement each other perfectly. This is a good story which is intriguing, and entertaining, and enjoyable. I look forward to reading more from this author, and I recommend this story. ~ Wendy Livingstone

This is the first book I read from this author and I enjoyed it. Leo had an extremely hard childhood and has been successful in the business world. I will say that it’s a wild ride when Adrian comes into her life. ~ GVLADY

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That packed inferno wrapped in ice smouldering in hisses.

He reached her neck, bending her almost double as he walked on his knees on the mattress with her ankles crossed around his neck, keeping her legs draped over his shoulders. His hot breath invaded her ear, “If you feel I should stop, say you’re mine.”

I am, I am! Just don’t stop, Adrian.”

He stopped, chortling deep in his chest, eyeing her from under his brows as his head lifted with her jerky thrusts. Adrian’s molten lava eyes radiated something utterly demonic but captivating, hypnotizing. They now seemed to shoot her senses with the wickedness every single cell in her craved. Those eyes concentrated on her flawed body, her utterly broken soul, crushing the fierce pride she falsely nurtured for her protection.

He made her feel invincible. Armored, even against his demonic wickedness.

He licked behind her ear, whispered, “Stop being your worst enemy, wildcat, and simply receive and revel in pleasure. Your whole body’s made to receive it. From me.”

When I fuck, it’s just me and the woman. My total focus is on her and the pleasure we’re sharing, giving each other.

He twirled his hot tongue around the ear, “It’s me and you. I’m giving this only to you, nobody else.” He licked over her jawbone and cheek to her whimpering mouth.

At last. The. First. Kiss. Ever. She stilled, mouth parted to receive his. He nipped on her lower lip. She groaned into his mouth. This mouth of her fantasies for years now. He licked the roof of her mouth and she jerked so hard their teeth collided.

Wildcat,” he growled in her mouth while she yowled like the animal of his new name for her. He twirled his tongue with hers, distorting her yowls, making her yank her arms, desperate to touch him. Never wanted anything this painfully.

Shhhh, stop struggling, Leo,” he whispered, “don’t dare bruise any part of this body, gorgeous. It’s mine. My work of art. Only I may hurt it to pleasure it. It’s, precious, priceless, mine. Always the offer you give me like a prayer, gorgeous.”

I want to touch you…”

Then enjoy the wanting, the hurt of not getting what you desperately need…” he said on her skin, molten lava eyes at her from under his lashes. “You’ll learn to appreciate that the reward will be exhilarating.” Those eyes should be forbidden on a human face. Particularly if that human happens to be the godlike Adrian Xerxes Cranford.

Adrian—fuck.” She moaned as his tongue left her mouth, trailed to her chin and the hollow of her neck and sucked on it.

He travelled back on the other side of her body with his lips and tongue, latching onto the second nipple and this time biting hard, then blowing warm breath on it.



You’re driving me insane.”

You know what to say to stop me, right?”

She wanted to pull her own hair out. No chance. “Yes.”

A quick stop for, “Brilliant,” and he continued down, nipping on the hollow above her hip bone.

About the Author

A P von K’Ory writes romance, psychological thrillers, and nonfiction. She loves diversity – it’s in her aristocratic DNA. She has won more than half a dozen prizes and awards from four continents. Her family stretches from the Nilotes of the Eastern African Nile Delta to Germany, France, and the Walloons (Belgium). She lectures Economics and Sociology in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Being migratory –  and weather willing –  she lives in Germany, France, Cyprus, and Greece. 

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