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Lawyers in Love! @SeelieKay #KinkyBriefs #OnSale #Lawyers

Kinky Briefs Quatro cover

By Seelie Kay (Guest Blogger)

It is truly amazing how events of long ago suddenly leak into your consciousness and permit you to create characters and stories that have depth and a strong sense of reality.

After more than 30 years in the legal world, I must confess that the wickedness flowing from my pen is inspired by the men and women with whom I have worked or otherwise associated. Some I loved, some I despised, and still others, I barely noticed. As a former journalist, my powers of observation are strong, and many times I unwittingly catalog strange events and people, character flaws, and personality quirks only to have them reborn, but more pleasantly modified, in my stories.

Unfortunately, a singular observation does not translate into a full story or antagonist. Indeed, it takes a whole lot of idiosyncrasies and bizarre occurrences to craft a tale. And of course, to make things a bit more interesting, I throw in a dash of kink. Kink to me is not necessarily the whips, chains, blindfolds, and handcuffs popularized in recent tomes. I define kink as behavior outside the norm, proclivities that may fall on a spectrum that begins on the cusp of the vanilla world and extends deep into BDSM. However, my stories reflect my belief that the sexual aspect of any relationship should be pleasurable. 
That’s why my kinky lawyers are playful, inquisitive, willing, and open to exploration.

Most importantly, their behavior is consensual. What two or more people do behind closed doors is their business. It is not incumbent on any of us to judge or criticize. My stories may make you blush, they may even make you uncomfortable. My hope is that in the end, they will also make you think, and yes, make you smile. And if after reading this book, you feel compelled to run out and buy a set of handcuffs, I say go for it!
You only live once. Why not permit your imagination to occasionally run wild and intrude on your reality?


Take another kinky voyage through Lawyerland!

Indulge in a walk on the wild side with these sizzling short stories about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink. From painting well-hung nudes at a networking event or thwarting terrorists intent on harm to finding love despite a chronic illness or exploring kink on a train, these lawyers pursue love with a vengeance. And while affairs of the heart may come in all shapes and sizes—a law school ménage a trois, a middle-aged A.G. and a law firm associate, and a new marriage suddenly threatened by a spouse long believed dead—these relationships thrive despite the odds. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and yes, the resultant loin heating might even make you blush, but in the end, you’ll run out and buy a set of handcuffs. Because that’s the only way to defuse the sizzle created by these hot, sexy stories.

Coming soon from all major booksellers!

About Seelie Kay

Seelie Kay writes about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink.

Writing under a nom de plume, the former lawyer and journalist draws her stories from more than 30 years in the legal world. Seelie’s wicked pen has resulted in six works of fiction, all released in 2017, including Kinky Briefs, Kinky Briefs, Too, The Garage Dweller, Kinky Briefs, Thrice, and A Touchdown to Remember, as well as the romance anthology, Pieces of Us.

When not spinning her kinky tales, Seelie ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. Currently, she resides in a bucolic exurb outside Milwaukee, WI, where she shares a home with her son and enjoys opera, the Green Bay Packers, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an occasional bottle of red wine.

Seelie is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS: Never give up. You define MS, it does not define you!

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Twitter: @SeelieKay

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Move over, boys.... #UrbanFantasy #BookBlast #snarky @wildeauthor

UDH Cover


What doesn’t kill you...

seriously messes with your love life.

Nava is happily settling into her new relationship and life is all giddy joy and stolen kisses.

Except when it’s assassins. Talk about a mood killer.

She and Rohan are tracking the unlikely partnership between the Brotherhood and a witch who can bind demons, but every new piece of the puzzle is leaving them with more questions than answers.

And someone doesn’t appreciate them getting close to the truth.

Go figure.

On top of that, a demon known only as Candyman has unleashed a drug that’s harming users in extremely disturbing ways.

After a friend of Nava’s is hurt, she vows to take this demon down. But will life as she knows it survive this mission, or will this be the one time she should have looked before she leapt?

Happily-ever-after: barring death, she’s got a real shot at it.


Rohan parked, cut the engine, and turned to me, his eyes hot. “Know what else I don’t like?”

I licked my lips, remembered that wasn’t an answer and shook my head.

Making me sit through dinner, watching you in that dress. Cruel.”

You’ve been copping feels all the way home.

It’s not enough.”

I snickered, but when he slammed his precious car’s door in his haste to get me inside, I may have set a new record for speed-walking in heels.

We barely made it into his bedroom before, mouth on mine, he pressed me back against the wall. His teeth dragged over my lower lip before his tongue slipped inside. He trailed his magic finger blades over my shoulder and bare back, just enough to leave faint marks that I’d shiver staring at in the bathroom mirror later.

Sliding my hand under his shirt, I skimmed my fingers along the ridges of his sculpted abs. He retracted his blades and I broke the kiss to draw his fingers into my mouth, my tongue swirling around each one in turn. Pinching his nipples with my other hand, I rubbed my bare thigh up his leg. His sigh rumbled over me.

A furious ache built to a throbbing pulse inside me.

Rohan sucked on my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access to the sensitive skin. He caressed my cheek with the back of his hand, pinning me with this filthy eye-fuck that made my stomach flutter. “Wrap your legs around me.”

About the Author

A global wanderer, hopeless romantic, and total cynic with a broken edit button, Deborah writes urban fantasy to satisfy her love of smexy romances and tales of chicks who kick ass. This award-winning author is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. “It takes a bad girl to fight evil. Go Wilde.”

Twitter: @wildeauthor

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The Accidental Elopement -- #historical #eroticromance #giveaway @BeverleyOakley

The Accidental Elopement cover

Beverley is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate to on lucky winner. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other stops on the tour. You may find those locations here.

About the Book

A seven-year secret. A tragic misunderstanding. Can love outwit fate in this twisted tale of misadventure and thwarted dreams?

Earl Quamby’s niece, Katherine, and Jack, a foundling home lad adopted by a local family, have been loyal friends for as long as they can remember.

As Jack is about to leave England to make his fortune and Katherine is being courted by two eligible suitors, they unexpectedly realise their friendship has blossomed into passionate love. A love, they are warned, that has no future.

Despite a brave attempt to defy the forces keeping them apart, tragedy results and the pair is separated.

When chance throws them together seven years later, Katherine, newly widowed, is being pressured into a marriage not of her choosing to avoid scandal and Jack feels he must honour his pledge to the worthy Odette whom he met in India and whose father is dying.

Katherine knows that revealing a long-held secret may win Jack to her but she also knows conflicting obligations from past and present may tear him apart.

Can master matchmakers, Fanny, Antoinette and Bertram Brightwell, outwit fate in its latest attempt to keep these star-crossed lovers apart and deliver them the happiness they deserve?

This is Book 4 in the Scandalous Miss Brightwell series but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Order The Accidental Elopement now for the special price of $2.99 and you'll get an ecopy of Scandalous: Three Daring Charades in the Pursuit of Love. Just send a screen shot of proof of purchase to beverley (at) and she'll send you the link for your free book.


In this excerpt, Katherine is hiding in a dark corridor to avoid dancing with someone she has no wish to see during her first ball as a newly arrived London debutante. She then receives a rude shock!

No one had thought to light a candle sconce and this second corridor turning she’d taken was as black as a dungeon. Katherine couldn’t even see her hand but she wasn’t frightened of the dark. No, Katherine was not fainthearted.

Yet she did squeal when, taking another step, her progress was impeded by a very large object and, with no warning at all, she found herself flying through the air, landing with a painful jarring of her wrists upon the cold, hard flagstones.

Good Lord!” came a disembodied young male voice in the dark before a groping hand located a piece of Katherine – namely a hank of hair – which caused her to shriek even louder when it was quite unnecessarily tugged. Whether this was to establish who or what she was, she had no idea – and perhaps neither did the tugger for immediately a profound apology was issued before the groping hand was operating with complete abandon in the dark.

This time it found Katherine’s breast just as the voice said in tones of utter mortification, “Forgive me! Are you hurt? Here, let me help you. That’s what I was trying to do, I promise. I didn’t realise you were on the ground? Take my hand. Really, I can’t apologise enough.”

Katherine had made one unsuccessful attempt to stand but it was a struggle in her flounced skirt and multiple corded petticoats. She swatted away the supposedly helping hand and hissed something unintelligible – somehow unladylike language seemed less of an offence when she couldn’t see to whom she was speaking.

But when the disembodied groping hand entered her orbit once more – in fact, brushing the bare flash above her garter and getting in a good squeeze of her thigh flesh, her temper which had never been one of her strong points, snapped and she lashed out with a sharp slice through the inky air.

A loud yelp made her realise she’d perhaps been a little peremptory and certainly too violent in this unladylike action and even though she felt disinclined to apologise she did say, ungraciously, “I’m sorry I hit you but a lady can only take so much of all this groping in the dark. I mean…what were you doing?”

I could ask you the same thing,” came the response, now at ear level. In fact, she could feel the soft whisper of breath against her cheek which made her step back, saying, “I asked first.”

I was chasing a cat. Bending down in fact. And then something crashed into me. Or on top of me.”

That was me.”

Yes, of course it was you. There’s no one else here, is there?”

Katherine bridled at his tone. She was unused to being spoken to as if she were at fault when, in this case, she most certainly wasn’t. “I think that’s a very rude response,” she told him. “Just as it was very thoughtless of you to crouch down where anybody could simply trip over you.”

Anybody – or rather, anybody else – would be carrying a candle. I think I have every reason to be deeply suspicious of the motives of anyone who is not.”

Well, you don’t have a candle. And I would suspect the truth of anyone hiding away in the dark, claiming they were crouching over an imaginary cat,” huffed Katherine.

In fact, I’d wager there was no cat here at all. I would have heard it. No, you were sneaking away from something, weren’t you?”

And if I was, what business of yours? Whoever you are.”

Katherine could not imagine the audacity. “You certainly are no gentleman to speak to a lady in that fashion.”

Since that lady hasn’t bothered to declare herself, I think I could be forgiven.”

A gentleman would have declared himself first,” Katherine said hotly. “What were you sidling away from? There’s a noisy ball going on in the next room. If you were a gentleman, wouldn’t you be gallantly asking the ladies to dance instead of hiding in the dark? Perhaps there’s someone you’re afraid of seeing? A lady who has expectations of you behaving towards her as a gentleman.” 

Katherine said this triumphantly before elaborating on her theme. 
“My guess is that you’ve given some poor young lady the idea that you’ll dance with her all night and now you’ve changed your mind and are sneaking away.”

Since you put forward the idea, I’d suggest the reason you’re here is exactly the same. You’re trying to sneak away from a gentleman to whom you’ve already promised two dances. Meanwhile he, poor fellow, is searching for you vainly in the ballroom while you’re here making a mockery of him.”

He can do that all by himself,” Katherine sniffed. “But I never promised him anything and I never will.”

Ha! I was right.” The voice sounded very pleased with itself. “Well, I feel sorry for this fellow without even seeing what you look like, miss. Poor fellow!”

Poor fellow, indeed. George can pine til the cows come home. I’d even suffer talking to you than have to spend another five minutes with his sweating hands squeezing mine and his moon eyes boring into me…and his horrible, putrid breath choking me and his—”

Poor George! I was just starting to feel sorry for him until you described the exact George I, too, am so at pains to avoid tonight.” The voice became more confidential and the mood relaxed.

Katherine crossed her arms and waited for him to speak again for she was rather interested in his George and then quite amused when the voice began to describe the very George against whom she railed.

Well, you have described my cousin to a very fine point,” she laughed. “And if you are as well acquainted with him as you seem to be, then you obviously know exactly why I am here in the dark.”

There was a small silence. And then, “Your cousin?”

In my family there are two Georges: Young George who is the son of my aunt and her husband, Lord Quamby, and Odious George who is his uncle, George Bramley.”

Then we’re talking about the same George!” The voice sounded stunned.

A quick gasp from both of them was followed up by a delighted cry in unison.



Other Books In The Series:

Beautiful, impoverished Fanny Brightwell has a few scores to settle—and a heart to win—before she can secure the wealthy, aristocratic husband her ambitious mama demands.

Pick up a free copy here!

Would a potential suitor be bolder if he were told the lie that the maiden he desires has only six months to live?

A rigged horse race - with a marriage and a lost child riding on the outcome.

About the Author

Beverley Oakley was seventeen when she bundled up her first her 500+ page romance and sent it to a publisher. Unfortunately drowning her heroine on the last page was apparently not in line with the expectations of romance readers so Beverley became a journalist.

Twenty-six years later Beverley was delighted to receive her first publishing contract from Robert Hale (UK) for a romance in which she ensured her heroine was saved from drowning in the icy North Sea.

Since 2009 Beverley has written more than thirteen historical romances, mostly set in England during the early nineteenth century. Mystery, intrigue and adventure spill from their pages and if she can pull off a thrilling race to save someone’s honour – or a worthy damsel from the noose – it’s time to celebrate with a good single malt Scotch.

Beverley lives with her husband, two daughters and a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy the size of a pony opposite a picturesque nineteenth-century lunatic asylum. She also writes Africa-set adventure-filled romances tarring handsome bush pilot heroes, and historical romances with less steam and more sexual tension, as Beverley Eikli.

You can get in contact with Beverley at:

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Sizzling Sunday: More from Hot Brides in Vegas! #SizzlingSunday #happysmut @LarryArcher

Sizzling Sunday Banner


Never underestimate the power of a horny bride.

Francesca Torellis tycoon father is throwing a lavish Las Vegas wedding for his only child. Her fiancé Jake and his buddies set out for a stag night, exploring the fleshpots of Sin City. Meanwhile, Fran and her bridesmaids Laura and Chantal are stuck at the resort under the watchful eye of her stern Aunt Giulia, who has promised her brother that Franny will come to the altar a virgin.

Frustrated and annoyed by these double standards, the young women hatch a plan to escape their chaperone and have some fun of their own. With the help of a susceptible concierge, a butch ex-cop limo driver and a scandalous French couturiere, they find their way to The Foxs Den, the most exclusiveand outrageous—gentlemen’s club in the city. Owner Larry Archer and his crew of strippers, bouncers, voyeurs and sluts are more than happy to welcome the delectable trio as contestants performing at the club’s famous Amateur Night.

The gleeful permissiveness of the Den challenges the women’s assumptions and undermines their inhibitions. Complications ensue when Jake and his groomsmen arrive to find Fran in the midst of her strip act. Then Aunt Giulia crashes the party, determined to save her virgin niece, and things get really sticky—both figuratively and literally.

Will love triumph? Will Francesca be drawn over to the dark side? Is there a difference?

XXX Excerpt

Somehow the angel had slipped around behind him. Her hands rested lightly upon his shoulders. Her warm breath tickled his earlobe. He smelled coconut oil, sweat, and the delicious perfume of her musk.

I’m sure you must have the authority to arrange this,” she murmured, her voice like honey. “Do you really have to ask permission, a strong, dominant guy like you?”


Let me see if I can convince you.”

Without warning, she sank to her knees, disappearing under the desk. The next thing he knew, she’d tugged his zipper open and extracted his swollen cock. When her hot mouth engulfed him, he released a groan that rang through the lobby. The clerks and cashier at the counter across the room shot a curious look in his direction. He struggled to compose himself. Then she started to suck.

Oh my God…” She’d looked like an angel, but she had the wicked talents of a demon. She teased and tormented him, swallowing him to the root. Just as he was about to explode, she’d back off to flick her tongue over his knob, feathering away at the ridge underneath. He thrashed in his chair, jerking his pelvis, chasing the wet heat of her. She’d relent for a while, taking him deep into her throat, before pulling back once more.

Please,” he moaned, oblivious to everything but the pleasure she was providing. She turned up the suction until it was unbearable. Gasping for breath, he let go. His cum poured into her waiting mouth. Her muscles contracted as she swallowed his jizz. The sensation wrung another burst of cum from his cock.

Sinking back in his chair, he closed his eyes and tried to recover. Surely he’d be fired for this.

So what do you say—Michael?” She tapped a manicured nail against his name badge. Opening his eyes, he found her standing once again on the other side of the desk. White droplets of cum clung to her lips. One side of her bathing suit top had slipped down, fully exposing an adorable mauve nipple. If he hadn’t just been drained, he would have come again.

Can’t you help a young bride and her friends?” the woman persisted. Her tongue fluttered out to gather the remains of his cum. She licked her lips a second time. “As I said, we’d be eager to show our gratitude…”

Michael grinned and nodded. He might lose his job, but it would be worth it.

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And for more fun in the world of The Fox’s Den, get yourself a copy of Larry Archer’s Nina the Fallen Ballerina. Introduction by yours truly!

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How we write together - #WritingPartners #bisexual #menage @AdrianaKraft

Writing Partners image

By Adriana Kraft (Guest Blogger)

Last summer when Lisabet Sarai invited me and my husband to blog about our shared writing process, we’d just signed a contract for a new project, so I began keeping a sporadic journal of our progress. That project, “Three: A Love Story,” has just been released as part of the Special Edition Boxed Set All You Need is Love, so here is the “story” of our story.

June 6: Nicole Morgan, whose promotional ventures we’ve occasionally joined in the past, posted an opportunity to be part of a boxed set focused on GLBT stories scheduled for release in February, 2018. Stories needed to be erotic romance featuring GLBT characters with a minimum of 20,000 words. We both felt it was aimed at the readers we want to reach, and we really liked the title: All You Need is Love, so we signed on.

We immediately knew we wanted a story with a bisexual heroine and a happy ending. That’s sort of our specialty—sometimes there’s not a lot of respect for the “B” in GLBT.

June 7-10: we exchanged some more emails with Nicole, talked over plot ideas, and began to flesh out a few details. This is typical of our writing process. We spend a lot of time up front thinking through together what we want our story to focus on, who the characters could be, what they struggle with, and what would be a satisfying resolution of those struggles.

We’ve published two erotic romance series with bisexual heroines, but for this venture we decided we wanted new characters, with new histories and some different issues. We developed a working title, Three: A Love Story, which continues to grow on us and may end up being the final story title.

June 11: We sent Nicole our signed contract.

June 12-14: After several brief sessions, sometimes planned, sometimes just over a meal or when we’re sitting out on the patio after dark, Mr. Kraft set down some notes. He is the person in our duo who puts the first words on the blank screen. He has a movie camera vision and a steel trap mind for details, so our conversations take flesh and morph together into something new as he starts to put our ideas down on the computer.

He read those notes out loud as we played with them and added to them. We don’t want to give away too many plot details at this juncture (and they may change as we get the story on the page), but the story will focus on how a somewhat committed open twosome (two bisexual women) expands to become a three-way with a man. Each of our three characters is both drawn to and frightened of making this change, and we will explore what’s at stake from each perspective.

This process is where it’s especially helpful that both a man and a woman are crafting the story. Here’s a sampler of some of the issues we wanted to focus on: Do all men fantasize about being with two women? Do they just envision steamy sex with them, or does the fantasy include love? Is the fantasy just about how the two women want him and dote on him? What if the two women love each other? Do men really want the fantasy to become reality? Is there anything about making it real that scares the daylights out of them? (We think there might be).

And what about the women? There are two of them, both bisexual, and in love with each other. What have been their hopes about how that relationship moves forward? What does it mean that they’ve both continued to date men occasionally? What has each of them fantasized, and how might those fantasies change as they cope with new realities?

August 25, 2017

From June until now, we’ve had other deadlines to meet, but have connected about this project from time to time. We still don’t have any actual “story” on the page, though there are snippets of dialogue and inner thoughts in some of our notes. We’ve been focusing on who these three people are, what their relationship history is, what they want, and what they fear. We always end up with pages of backstory notes, much of which never makes it into the story explicitly, but almost all of which ends up informing who our characters are and shaping how they’re going to react.

Occupations: We struggled some with what careers to give our three characters. They’re all college educated, and we decided to focus on the helping professions: an RN studying to be a physician’s assistant (Jamie), a college professor (Susan), and a physical therapist (Mason).

Setting: We didn’t stop to think where to set the story until fairly late in the planning process. Most of our recent stories have been either in the Midwest (where we lived for many years) or in New York City, where our son used to live and we visited often. But we haven’t written the southwest since we moved here five years ago, so we settled on one of our favorite haunts: Tucson. These are active, outdoor characters (like us), and Tuscon gives us hiking, biking, amazing vistas, spectacular deserts and stunning sunsets. Not to mention mild winters.

Over the next ten weeks, the story began to materialize on the page in short segments. I’ve used passive voice on purpose. In our writing process, after we have the basics of plot and character worked out in enough detail to feel grounded, Mr. Kraft begins to write. A typical writing stint for him is anywhere between 500 and 2000 words, depending on the day, the type of scene, his energy level, and whatever else is happening in our lives.

At some point after he’s completed each scene (or a segment), he reads it out loud to me. This both forms the first editing round and lays the groundwork for figuring out next steps. We discuss whether the scene works, how to fix any problems, where it might lead, whose point of view is needed for the next scene, how to fit in any crucial information, whether the story is still going where we thought it would, what adjustments we need to make. We don’t move on until these basics are settled.

It may be two or three days (or more) before he turns to another writing stint, or it might be the next day. In the meantime, we’re both working on the story – ideas, discussions over meals, even dreams. The breaks between writing stints aren’t really downtime – they’re what some authors call “noodling,” letting the story gel and find its own direction.

November 3, 2017

By early November, we were at about 21,000 words, and it was time to decide about a black moment. Although black moments are expected in the romance genre, we only write one if it’s organic to our characters and their story. In this case, we had one planned – and we were wrong. We thought Jamie, whose original fantasy this was, would bolt when she finally realized her three-way dream was possible and discovered how much that terrified her. Not to be.

We don’t want to give too much away, but we can talk a bit about the craft behind the moment. Three-way balance is a delicate thing, and at any given moment, any of these three characters could (and did) feel threatened by the intensity of feelings shared by the other two. Somehow we knew the moment would be bigger than merely that. What evolved has to do with each character’s bottom line – what does each of them want, how bad do they want it, and what must they give up in order to have it?

I might add that we try never to write a black moment that could be resolved if only the characters could talk about it. In this case, each person had a wrenching decision to make, and they could not move forward until all three were on board. That’s not a smooth process, in real life or in fiction. As often happens, one character reached this point ahead of the other two, leaving them to react and work it through.

November 27, 2017

Mr. Kraft finished the last scene, read it to me, and sent the entire draft to my inbox, giving me about a month to polish it and meet the submission deadline. Lest it sound like Mr. Kraft does all our “writing,” it is this phase where I make my largest contribution. Naturally I’m catching typos, grammar, house style and formatting issues, but also I’m helping transform the “don’t look down” draft into smooth, polished prose, removing redundancies, filling in details, shaping and condensing until we’re both satisfied. We met our deadline, and the boxed set is now available at the following outlets:

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Blurb - All You Need is Love
A Limited Edition Romance Collection

With stories by Tamsin Baker, Jess Buffett,‎ Kristine Cayne,‎ Adriana Kraft,‎ Cate Farren,‎ Valerie Ullmer,‎ Kai Tyler,‎ Lexi Thorne,‎ Izzy Szyn,‎ Aeryn Jaden, Dana Kenzi, Celia Fay, and Dani Gray.

Romance Collections is proud to present these thirteen stories of love that knows no boundaries. Like rivers flowing through the canvas of earth, these stories will run deep, touch softly and leave you breathless.

No matter who it is with, passion is magnificent, desires are bold, and love is beautiful.

Blurb - Three: A Love Story by Adriana Kraft

As erotic romance authors, my husband and I love writing ménage and polyamory stories because they offer so many options for sizzling sex scenes. We craft sexual encounters on the page that appeal to both of us in hopes they’ll appeal to the fantasies of other men and women, as well.

But what happens when these hot erotic fantasies run headlong into real-life obstacles? What does polyamory look like when it happens to ordinary people? That’s the challenge we set ourselves in “Three: A Love Story,” our contribution to the Boxed Set All You Need is Love.

Three lives—but how many loves? Two bisexual women deeply in love with each other also enjoy dating men and even arranging an occasional three-way. What if one of these women starts to fall in love with a man?


Jamie tilted her head to the side as Susan curled back in next to her. “So what do you think of Mason?”

Ah, Mason. He’s the source of your stewing. Is he starting to wear on you? How long has it been—three months? Four months?”

He’s not wearing on me. And it’s nearly five months.” Jamie paused to wet her lips. “You didn’t answer my question. What do you think of him? What do you really think of him?”

Susan flinched. “Well, I haven’t thought a lot about him, though I must say he has stayed around longer than any guy in recent memory.” Susan sighed. “Okay, to be honest. I think he seems like a very nice guy. When he’s over here, it’s because he’s come to see you, so I don’t really spend a lot of time with him. I’ve cooked a few dinners for you guys, but most of time he comes, you go out, you come back, and you fuck like two wildcats. I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t complained. And he’s usually gone before I’m up in the morning. And lately you’ve been spending much more time at his house than at our apartment…for your love nest activities, that is. I must say that’s easier on me. I get more sleep, and I don’t have to imagine what you and he are doing to each other.”

That’s it?”

What else do you want me to say? I’m an English professor, not a social worker. He doesn’t seem abusive. He’s easy to look at. He doesn’t…” Susan paused. “Uh oh. If he’s not wearing on you and yet you’re stewing about him...” She arched an eyebrow. “Jams, maybe you’d better tell me what’s really on your mind.”

Jamie didn’t miss the sudden flash of anxiety that crossed Susan’s face.

About Adriana Kraft

Winner of the 2014 Bisexual Book Award for erotic fiction, author Adriana Kraft is a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More. Whether readers open our romantic suspense or our erotic romance, they can expect characters they care about, hot sex scenes, and a compelling story. Our suspense stories deliver one man, one woman, danger and intrigue. Our erotic romance is edgier and nearly always includes ménage or polyamory, sometimes with two women and a man, sometimes with two (or more) couples.

Together we have published more than forty romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. We love hearing from readers at, and here is our website: When It’s Time to Heat Things Up

Social Media Links