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Greetings, Readers! For today’s MFRW Book Hooks blog hop, I’m sharing a bit from my lesbian fantasy erotic romance The Witches of Gloucester. This is just one of the more than 260 LGBTQ books on sale this weekend as part of the Queer Your Bookshelf promotion. If you like queer fiction – however you define that term – this is your chance to fill up your e-reader for hours of future happy reading.

I actually have two books as part of the festival, The Witches of Gloucester and my new historical short By Moonlight. Both will be 99 cents all weekend long. (The promos say September 4 only... but why should I be stingy?)

It’s not about power. It’s about love.

The historic port of Gloucester, Massachusetts has a special charm, due in part to its resident witches. For decades, raven-maned Marguerite and red-headed Beryl have lived among its hard-working inhabitants, making magic and mischief. To reach their full potential, they need a third witch to complete their circle. Platinum-haired newcomer Emmeline might be the woman they’ve been waiting for.

Excerpt (FFF, rated R)

What are you doing?” Emmeline had not questioned the witches when they’d slipped through the locked gate of Stage Fort Park. She’d followed meekly as they led her through the resin-scented darkness along the trail that climbed to the bluff. Only now, as they stood upon the headland above the sea, with Beryl unbuttoning her blouse for her and Marguerite unzipping her jeans, did she voice her concerns.

We must be naked for the ritual. You know that. You saw it.”

But here, out in the open?” It was a bit late for Em to protest, as the night air kissed her bare skin. The high clearing was deserted. The lights of the city twinkled from across the bay, at least half a mile away. Still, she felt exposed.

No one will see us, little one.” Beryl had shed her clothing with near-magical swiftness and was now combing the bushes that clung to the edge of the precipice, gathering sticks and brush which she piled within a circle of rocks near the center of the clearing. Watching the redhead’s practical yet somehow seductive movements, Em’s concern about her own nakedness receded.

Beryl gestured over the stone circle, murmuring something inaudible. The little pile of fuel burst into merry red-gold flames, at least three feet high.

They’ll definitely see us now!” Em cried. “We must be visible to every boat for ten miles!”

Hush, sweet.” Marguerite encircled Emmeline’s waist, pressed lush breasts against her back and nuzzled her ear. “Don’t you trust us? The inhabitants are blind to our fires. We cloak their vision so we can hide among them.”

Beryl joined the embrace, winding her arms around Em’s neck and pulling her into a fiery kiss. Writhing like a snake, she rubbed her mound against Em’s. Sparks sizzled across Emmeline’s skin, kin to the bright cinders spit out by the crackling blaze. “We kindle the Midsummer’s fire upon this point every year, Emmy. We drink and dance till dawn. No one ever notices.”

Speaking of which, I should fetch the wine.” The dark-skinned enchantress relinquished her hold on Em, leaving her momentarily bereft. Then Beryl claimed her full attention, licking from the hollow of her throat down along her breastbone and finally claiming a nipple. Emmeline slid her hands along Beryl’s hips down to the witch’s ass, and pulled the lithe body tighter against her own. Heat and moisture gathered at the spot where their pussies mashed together. Em burrowed against Beryl’s shoulder, lapping the salt from the milky skin as the redheaded witch continued to suckle her throbbing tit.

Marguerite interrupted them, brushing a hand across her hair. “Drink, darlings.” Em raised her head to find the caramel-skinned beauty holding out a cut-crystal goblet brimming with ruby fluid.

Beryl looked up as well, leaving Em’s nipple wet and wanting. “You first, little one.”

Obedient but terrified she’d drop it, Emmeline reached for the delicate glass. “Wouldn’t a plastic cup have been more practical?” she asked as she raised the wine to her lips.

Perhaps, darling. But magic thrives on beauty.”

Sweetness exploded on Em’s tongue. The wine tasted like summer, like ripe fruit and sunshine, honeysuckle and new-mown grass. “Oh...oh, my! That’s delicious!” She took another, larger swallow. Smooth and potent, the wine flowed down her throat. Heat raced along her limbs, making her sweat and turning up the volume on the arousal humming through her.

Summer wine is one of Beryl’s specialties.” Marguerite’s provocative smile made Em ache with need. “Cherries, rose hips, apple blossom honey, water from Dogtown spring...”

Plus a few secret ingredients.” Beryl wrapped her fingers around Em’s, sending electric currents buzzing down to Em’s sex. She raised their clasped hands to her mouth to drink deeply from the goblet. “But it is particularly good this year, isn’t it? Must be because of you, Emmy.”

My turn.” The black-maned beauty handled the fragile glass casually, draining the remaining liquid. “Oh yes! You’ve outdone yourself, love. Shall we have more?”

Beryl glanced up at the moon’s crescent, riding high above the sea. “Later, I think. It’s time to dance now.”

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