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“Truly a buffet of pleasures” - only 99 cents! #eroticromance #specialprice #excerpt

Here’s what award-winning author Donna George Storey wrote about my transgressive erotic romance, Miranda’s Masks:

Truly a buffet of pleasures, with something for everyone. There's the enjoyment of piecing together the mirroring, multi-layered narratives. Historical and literary echoes provide extra spice for the careful reader—in particular Shakespeare fans might enjoy the parallels to Miranda in The Tempest—all sweetened with abundant humor and clever feminist twists. Always you'll find masterful prose in sizzling erotic scenes that offer flavors to please any palate. And last but not least, the novel will change your view of the world in surprising ways. ~ Donna George Storey, the Erotica Readers & Writers Association

For a limited time only, you can get this full length novel, recently re-edited and expanded, for only 99 cents!

Want another excerpt? Your wish is my command!

She stopped. She knew that it was enough. Turning from his leather-scarred form, she handed the flogger back to Mistress Carla. The dominatrix smiled approvingly.

You have done well,” she said. “Both of you. And you deserve your rewards. Remove your dress.”

Under the weight of those emerald eyes, Miranda obeyed without thinking. A collective sigh escaped the audience at the sight of her taut, rosy nipples. She stood at attention before Carla.

Those panties, too.” The Domme stroked one finger between Miranda’s thighs, making her squirm. “I imagine that they’re quite uncomfortable, being so wet.”

Miranda pushed the elastic down over her hips and stepped out of the sopping garment. Without modesty, she stood naked before the assembly, awaiting the Mistress’ next instructions.

You are quite lovely,” remarked Carla. “A slave like you would be a fine adornment to my household.” Miranda blushed with delight.

The statuesque dominatrix flipped the turntable switch. The turntable rotated 90 degrees, until the man was oriented sideways with respect to the audience, his erection silhouetted against the red velvet curtains at the back of the stage. Carla unfastened the shackles on his ankles, then loosened his wrist bonds and fastened them lower down on the columns. She also removed his gag.

Now, little one, on your knees.” A bit awkwardly, the young man obeyed. His penis jutted upwards, straining toward the ceiling.

Come here, little slut.” Miranda realized that Carla was speaking to her. She had been almost hypnotized by the swaying of the man’s penis. She obeyed as quickly as she could.

Straddle him, open yourself, and take him inside you. But I warn you, do not move! If either of you comes before I give permission, you will be very sorry indeed.”

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Observing Thanksgiving (English Quintain) - #BDSM #Poetry #Thanksgiving

kneeling in bondage


I'm still your slave, absurd as that might seem
Three decades and two continents apart.
Of kneeling naked at your feet I dream,
of yielding all to you, both whole and part,
my lips and tits, my cunt and ass and heart.

You, poised above me, eager to deflower
vanilla innocence...and years unwind.
That moment when I understood your power
burns fresh as ever. Once again you bind
me, wrists and ankles, heart and mind.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mutual Inspiration - #erotica #inspiration #smut @LarryArcher

Fox's Den Banner

One of my favorite parts about being an author is “meeting” other authors. Over time, I’ve become close friends with some of my peers, especially the people I’ve encountered through the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. I’ve been a member of ERWA for nearly twenty years, participating on the Writers email list, penning posts for their blog and monthly newsletters, and recently, joining into the Storytime online critique group.

(For more information about the ERWA lists, go here:

It was through ERWA that I met Larry Archer. He’s a bit of a maverick on the lists, since he proudly labels what he publishes as smut with no redeeming social value. I’m not sure I completely agree about the latter statement—I think the world would be a happier, more peaceful place if everyone had the non-judgmental, open-minded attitudes toward sex displayed by Larry’s characters. In any case, though I love more literary erotica, I also enjoy his light-hearted, unabashedly filthy stories, many of which are set in the decadent world of The Fox’s Den strip club in Las Vegas.

Anyway, Larry and I were chatting by email earlier this year, and he sent me a gorgeous image of two women he’d found on some stock photo site. We began talking about writing a story about these two women, who were obviously lovers:

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 3:44 AM, Lisabet Sarai wrote:

Hi, Larry,

Actually I was thinking about a story to fit your gorgeous picture of the two women. What if Linda fell deeply in love with a new stripper at the club, and vice versa? Sex between two people who are crazy about each other is the hottest kind, imho. So we could have some truly steam love scenes, along with the usual buffet of sex scenes.

This premise also includes an intrinsic conflict, given the free-for-all attitude of Larry's and Foxy's  circle. Somehow the lovers need to reconcile their mutual commitment with the expectation that anyone might get involved with anyone else. Maybe one member of the couple wants some sort of exclusivity while the other does not. Or maybe one of them *wants* to be exclusive but is too horny to carry it off. There are lots of possibilities.

We could each take a character or two and write from his/her perspective.

Just some thoughts.


Larry replied:
We could have Foxy and/or Larry jealous about this "other woman" who is trifling with the affections of Linda? I could finally get some conflict and resolution in a story, which I seem unable to accomplish.
Do you have any idea how Amazon and SmashWords split up the royalty payments or if we have to do this ourselves? Do you want to be the new dancer? What's her name and what does she look like? Fucking hot I know!


I answered:

Hi, Larry,

Her name is Nina. And I was thinking that she might have signed up to be a dancer because she has a strong exhibitionist streak. She's fine with showing off until she falls in love with Linda. Then she starts to feel confused.

Maybe Foxy would get jealous because Nina refused to get involved with her?

I doubt that Amazon or Smashwords would split royalties. Think we'd have to manage that manually, but that shouldn't be too hard for two engineers!


And thus it began. Originally, we tried to write alternating chapters. Then Larry got grabbed by the story and wrote 20K in one weekend. Meanwhile, I had another idea for a tale set in Larry’s world, about a virginal bride who, along with her bridesmaids, gets drawn in by the hedonistic atmosphere at The Fox’s Den. Like Larry, I found that once I started writing, it was hard to stop, even though life and work kept getting in the way.

To make a long story short, this week we both published our novellas. We couldn’t quite manage to collaborate on a single book, but we’ve tried to coordinate the releases. We beta-read each other’s manuscripts. I wrote an intro for his book, and he wrote one for mine. And we’re hoping that we can swap readers too. Folks that like his books will hopefully like mine, and vice versa.

Well, it’s a theory! In any case, I had a blast with this tale, which is quite different from what I usually write. I hope people like it.

Inspiration is truly mysterious.

Hot Brides in Vegas is the story of virgin (well, technically, at least) bride Francesca Torelli. Her tycoon father is throwing a lavish Las Vegas wedding for his only child. Her fiancé Jake and his buddies set out for a stag night, exploring the fleshpots of Sin City. Meanwhile, Fran and her bridesmaids Laura and Chantal are stuck at the resort under the watchful eye of her stern Aunt Giulia, who has promised her brother that Franny will come to the altar a virgin.

Frustrated and annoyed by these double standards, the young women hatch a plan to escape their chaperone and have some fun of their own. With the help of a susceptible concierge, a butch ex-cop limo driver and a scandalous French couturiere, they find their way to The Foxs Den, the most exclusiveand outrageous—gentlemen’s club in the city. Owner Larry Archer and his crew of strippers, bouncers, voyeurs and sluts are more than happy to welcome the delectable trio as contestants performing at the club’s famous Amateur Night.

The gleeful permissiveness of the Den challenges the women’s assumptions and undermines their inhibitions. Complications ensue when Jake and his groomsmen arrive to find Fran in the midst of her strip act. Then Aunt Giulia crashes the party, determined to save her virgin niece, and things get really sticky—both figuratively and literally. Things end happily for everyone, though, with a spate of weddings and engagements, as well as the opening of some minds.

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina (NTFB), is now available at all your favorite purveyors of smut, Kinky Literature, Amazon, and SmashWords. Soon to be up at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo among others.

NTFB is an HEA story about a young woman whose lifelong dream was to be a ballerina and dance on the big stage. But genetics is a cruel bitch and Nina ended up like her mother at almost six-feet in height.

We all know that ballerinas are tiny little things who get hoisted up and thrown around the stage by the male dancers. So goodbye to Swan Lake and Nina’s dreams.

Then she overheard a conversation about The Fox’s Den and what an unbelievable strip club it was. Could she be a stripper? Nina asked herself as the thought of dancing naked both thrilled and scared her. 

The story leads you down the path that Nina took as she finally finds her calling as an erotic dancer and discovers the thrills of sex with other women and swingers. The owners of the club, Foxy and Larry, quickly take over Nina’s education as she falls in love with Linda, the club manager.
~ ~ ~

Can’t figure out which one to buy? Why not treat yourself to both?

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New Release: Miranda's Masks - #SexClub #FFM #Giveaway #99cents

Miranda's Masks cover

Today I’m celebrating the release of my transgressive erotic romance Miranda’s Masks – just out from Excessica. I’ve got an exclusive excerpt for you, as well as a giveaway

Read on for details! 


Shy and serious by dayinsatiable by night.

Betrayed and abandoned by her first lover, shy and studious Miranda Cahill freezes in response to any sexual attention from someone she knows and likes.

During the day, she works diligently on her doctoral thesis. At night, she finds herself drawn into increasingly extreme sexual encounters with strangers. Public coupling, multiple partners, age play, spankings, bondage, lesbian lust—each experience reveals new dimensions of her depravity. Her anonymous secret life begins to take over when she discovers that the masked seducer she meets in a sex club and the charismatic young professor courting her are the same man.

Dickens scholar Mark Anderson seems like an affable, uncomplicated Midwesterner, but he has hidden depths, myriad talents, and an unlimited appetite for erotic variety. With Mark as her guide, Miranda gradually comes to understand and accept the intricacy of her own desires, as well as to trust her heart.

Note: This novel was previously published under the title Incognito. It has been expanded, revised and reformatted for this release.


Marla still grasped her hand. “Come play with us,” she said, pulling Miranda toward one of the walls lined with couches.

Miranda felt sudden panic. Much as she desired them, she didn’t believe that she could bring herself to couple publicly like that threesome. Not now, not yet. Marla led her past the sofas and cushions, however, through a curtained doorway into a small, private space. Marcus followed. As they entered, Miranda felt his hands, molding her hips, cupping her buttocks. It was delightful but too brief, a flirtation, a promise.

The translucent drapery fell back into place. The three of them were alone. For a long moment they stood motionless, facing each other. What am I doing? Miranda wondered, acutely aware of the thud of her heart against her ribs and the swollen heat of her sex.

Then all her awkwardness and uncertainty dropped away. With her right hand, she reached for Marla, her fingers seeking the hard little nubs pushing through the elastic material of the other woman’s garment. With her left, she drew Marcus to her, reveling in the sensation of his tumescence pressed against her thigh. Marla’s breast cupped in one hand, Marcus’ scrotum in the other, Miranda kissed them in turn.

Their mouths were surprisingly different. Marla’s kiss was soft, almost tentative, though she readily opened her ripe lips to the probing of Miranda’s tongue. She tasted faintly of cloves, sharp and sweet.

Marcus kissed with a fury that robbed Miranda of breath. At the touch of her lips, his opened, and he seemed to inhale her, sucking her tongue into his mouth and tangling it with his own. Meanwhile, his arm encircled her hip and pulled her more tightly against him. He ground his bulging crotch against her velvet-clad thigh, setting up sympathetic tremors in her sex.

If Marla’s kiss was a gentle invitation, Marcus’ was a challenge. Once again, a fleeting impression of familiarity rose in Miranda’s consciousness, then slipped away as hands and lips expanded and complicated the three-way caress.

Marla broke away first. Without speaking, she pulled the jumpsuit off her shoulders and wriggled out of it, somehow managing to look charming rather than clumsy.

Marla was slender, but far from boyish. Miranda could not take her eyes from the dusky rose nipples that pertly tipped the girl’s palm-sized breasts. Her skin was golden all over with a light tan. There were no pale patches. Marla’s hips swelled invitingly from a narrow waist, then down to firm, straight thighs. At their meeting point, her neatly trimmed triangle of brunette curls left Miranda feeling weak and confused.

I’ve never been attracted to women before, thought Miranda. What’s happening to me? Then images from her past flooded her inner vision. High school, Rebecca—the minister’s wild daughter, long blonde locks flying, laughing as she danced at a party, while a younger Miranda watched from a corner, overwhelmed by a craving she could not name. Sweeping her eyes over Marla’s delightful body, Miranda began to understand how little she knew her real self.

Marla raised her arms behind her head, stretching luxuriously as she lifted her thick locks away from her neck. Miranda helplessly admired Marla’s elevated and accentuated breasts, the faint, symmetrical trace of her ribs, the slight indentations of taut muscle on either side of her dimpled navel. Then Marla took hold of her own nipples, rolling them between her finger and thumb, so that they lengthened and hardened. Her eyes behind the domino were locked on Miranda’s. “Do you like what you see, darling?” she asked. “Can you see how much I want you?”

She relinquished one of her nipples and brought her palm down to brush ever so lightly over her bush. Electric shivers tingled in Miranda’s sex as she watched and imagined the other woman’s sensations. Now Marla pressed the heel of her hand against her pubis and slid her middle finger in among the curls. Miranda could clearly see its quick, oscillating movements as it teased the woman’s hidden clit. Marla’s eyes were half-closed, her ripe mouth half-open as her breathing grew more ragged.

As Miranda moaned in sympathetic arousal, a hand squeezed her tit through the velvet, and another made lazy swirls across her sex. Hot lips nibbled at the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder. “Marcus!” she gasped, writhing against the hard body behind her.

At your service.” His voice was almost a whisper, close to her ear, but Miranda still caught the tone of amusement. She reached behind her, felt his warm, dry, naked skin. While she had been focused on Marla’s performance, Marcus had apparently removed his jumpsuit.

I’m giving away two copies of my recently released romance short Singapore Fling. Just leave me a comment letting me know what you think about the excerpt above.

Meanwhile you can buy Miranda’s Masks for only 99 cents until the end of the month!

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Polyamorous Delights! @AdrianaKraft #giveaway #menage #eroticromance

April Swings cover


April Day deeply loves her husband, Derek, but something’s missing. To heat things up, she books them on a Caribbean cruise for their seventh anniversary. She’s not sure what she’s looking for, but she knows she’s found it as soon as she spots the delectable sprite of an actress who stars in the ship’s daily shows.

Meghan Keenan’s having a blast with her latest squeeze, Clark Hendricks, who writes and directs the shipboard main shows. Should she turn down April’s request to heat up her marriage? And if she accepts, where will Clark fit in?

Derek is stunned by his wife’s brash pursuit of the hot young actress. Must he match her boldness to keep her from leaving him?

Available From:

Amazon (universal link)

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Crap, you haven’t pounded me like this for years,” April panted.

Derek felt her fingers clawing at his back. She hadn’t been a wildcat like this for years, either. He lifted her butt off the bed and continued plowing in and out of her. Her heels pounded his backside.

I’m coming!” she keened. “Come with me. Do it.”

Her verbal barrage rattled his brain, and then his cock exploded. He worked his wife’s hips back and forth along his length, spurting and filling her like she’d demanded. Breathing heavily, he flexed his arms and settled April on the bed, then leaned over and kissed her forehead. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Her giggles confused his muddled thoughts.

Good grief.” Grinning broadly, she lolled her head from side to side. “Does this look like a woman in pain?”

He shook his head. “Not really. But let’s roll over so I don’t have to worry about crushing you.” He rolled them easily until April beamed down at him.

She licked perspiration from his chin. “So watching me ride Meg’s fingers must’ve been a turn-on after all.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “That, and imagining her howling into the night.” He ran a finger along her nose. “You didn’t do badly in that department, yourself.”

I hadn’t realized how silent I’d become over the years until Meg quizzed you about me. I could hardly keep my mouth closed in the lounge.”

I noticed.”

So are you ready for Meg to get more involved with us?”

He scowled. “Do we have to? Wasn’t this good enough?”

April shook her head. “Who knows what good enough is? Do you really want to turn your back on Meg? Do you really want me to turn my back on her? We may never have this kind of opportunity again. We’re free to try whatever we want here.” She kissed his mouth and dragged her tongue across his lips. “Don’t you at least want to try? For us. Or at least, for me.”

Behind the Scenes at Meghan’s Playhouse

What’s your favorite erotic fantasy? Does it include ménage – maybe a man sandwich, or making love with a woman and a man at the same time? Have you ever kissed a girl?

We started writing our Meghan’s Playhouse series to deliver some of our favorite fantasies for our readers. When we began book 1, we simply planned to write an erotic romp. We knew we wanted a young “sprite,” a bisexual woman full of energy and inventiveness, as the star in our story. We thought of her as a modern-day Aphrodite, bringing other couples together through sharing sex with both partners.

In the beginning, we didn’t give too much thought to her motivation, or to that of the other major players. Characters have a way of taking over, though, and Meg wasn’t satisfied with just being a piece of fluff having hot sex scenes. Each book in the series is its own love story, stirring up emotions even Meg wasn’t prepared for.

The original five-book series was first released in 2009 by a different e-publisher. It’s been unavailable for over four years, and we’re thrilled Extasy Books has contracted to re-release it, completely revised and re-edited. In the meantime, Meg insisted we write one more adventure. The six books are releasing approximately every ten weeks.

Seducing Cat, May, 2017
A Woman for Zachary, August, 2017
April Swings, October, 2017
A Ring for Christmas, December 7, 2017
Vegas Gambler, February 23, 2018
Meg’s Folly, May 4, 2018

About the Author

Winner of the 2014 Bisexual Book Award for erotic fiction, author Adriana Kraft is a husband wife team writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More.

Readers can count on our Romantic Suspense line for gutsy characters, hot sex, and breathtaking intimacy as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination. Here you’ll find multiple partners, three-way, four-way and more, swing lifestyle, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.

Together we have published more than forty romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. We love hearing from readers at adrianakraft99 [at] yahoo [dot] com.




Two winners will win their choice of Book 1 or Book 2 in the Meghan’s Playhouse Series:

Book 1 Seducing Cat

What could college English Professor Caitlin Shanahan ever have in common with the brash carpenter Kurt Davis? The sexy sprite Meghan Keenan, that's what.

Book 2 A Woman for Zachary

It’s New York! Broadway beckons, but Meg has more fun keeping an erotic triangle going with her current flame, Zach Cullen, and her drama coach, Josie Patrice.

Release blitz organized by Writer Marketing Services.

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Sizzling Sunday: Hot Brides in Vegas -- #stripclub #giveaway #SizzlingSunday

Sizzling Sunday Banner
Welcome to another Sizzling Sunday! My excerpt today comes from my new release, Hot Brides in Vegas. I promised you something more graphic than yesterday’s excerpt. I guess this counts!

And to celebrate the new release, I’m giving away a copy of the book. All you need to do is leave me a comment on this post!

Larry beamed at the customers, waiting for the hubbub to die down. “And now,” he said, “I’d like to introduce our first contestant. Put your hands together and give a big Vegas welcome to the lovely Laura!”

The first bars of her chosen music filtered through the din. “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, a song that always made her feel sexy. Laura stepped out of the shadows, into the pool of light on the stage.
The applause hit her like a physical blow. She would have stumbled on her sky-high heels, but the music held her.

The world was on fire, and no one could save me but you…

Like fire, lust raced through her. She raised her arms above her head in a luxurious stretch, then pivoted so her back was to the crowd. Ever so slowly, she bent at the waist, walking her hands down her legs to her ankles.

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do…

She felt her clinging, skimpy dress ride up the back of her thighs before completely baring her ass. Her thong tightened between her cheeks, adding delicious pressure against both her rear hole and her pussy. Laura swung her hips in a figure eight, in perfect time with the music. The audience was silent—hypnotized by her slow, sensual moves—but she felt their eyes on her.

What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way…

She twirled on her high heels, until she once more faced the crowd. At the same time, she grabbed the hem of her costume and eased the garment up to her waist, showing off her flat stomach, her shadowy navel and the lace-sheathed plumpness of her pussy. A guy sitting at the bar leaned toward her, holding out a ten dollar bill. With a smile she hoped was enticing, she crouched down in front of him, holding his gaze. He stuck the cash into the elastic waistband of her thong. In a flash of wickedness, she pushed the bill under the triangle of fabric that barely covered her sex, then palmed her pussy and rubbed hard.

The spectators burst into wild applause. Meanwhile, Laura went rigid as a mini-climax raced through her. The spotlights dimmed and the room whirled as she struggled to remain standing.

Did the people watching know? Of course they did. But maybe it was common for dancers at The Fox’s Den to come on stage. She wouldn’t be surprised.

The song died away, haunting and erotic. Laura pulled the stretchy dress over her head and shook her blonde curls free, as Donna Summer picked up the beat.

Sittin' here, eatin' my heart out waitin'
Waitin' for some lover to call…

Laura strutted around the stage, shimmying her shoulders so that her breasts swung back and forth. People were clapping in time with the music as she bent once more and shook her ass in their faces. She felt high from the lust that washed over her. They wanted her, every single one of them.

Take it all off,” yelled someone in the back.

She obliged, teasing the thong down over her hips little by little, until everyone could see her shaved pussy. The drenched Alexander Hamilton fluttered to the floor. Oh God!

A voluptuous brunette at the bar pumped her fingers in and out of her month, then made a come-hither gesture. Laura sank to the stage directly in front of the woman, knees spread wide, swollen cunt lips gaping. Her eyes locked to Laura’s, the dark-haired lady slid her fingers bit by bit into Laura’s weeping slit. Drawing them out, equally slowly, she dragged them over Laura’s clit.

Fireworks shot through Laura’s body. Juices gushed from her, puddling on the stage. It was lucky she was already kneeling; in this onslaught of sensation, her legs would not have held her.

Hot stuff!” came a call from the audience, audible even above the thunderous applause. She recognized the deep voice. Steve!

Get yourself a copy of Larry's book, too!

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