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Not human, not a god … #Paranormal #FantasyRomance #Giveaway #99cents @VictoriaSAuthor

Titanium Warrior cover


One woman holds the key to his destiny—and his people’s salvation. Hagen drags himself to the gates of Hell, body and soul shredded by the bloodlust that consumes all the unmated of his kind. Awaiting the painful atonement that will buy him ten more years to find his eternal mate—or face oblivion. But Hades himself kicks him out with the bloodlust still prowling, unsatisfied, in his veins.

Bargained away by her parents to Master O, a mysterious, cruel wizard, Faiza serves in his household, keeping her small magic a secret, plagued by wild, confusing visions of a strange, suffering man. Then the master brings home a wounded Titanian warrior whose touch sends ice, fire, and desire racing through her body.

When she learns Master O plans to use Hagen as a weapon to conquer all races, she devises a desperate plan to free him—a plan that opens a portal to a world she’s never known. And a destiny entwined with danger that could destroy them all.


The wounded male groaned and flipped on his side. Burdened by the heavy weight, the pallet under him protested with loud creaks. Faiza scowled. The abrupt movement had reopened a cut on his brow, and a trickle of blood flowed to his jaw.

To hell with Master.” Huffing, she stomped to the kitchen, tore another dishcloth in lengths under running water, and squeezed out the excess. As she returned to the male, she passed a strip to Lilith. “He’s too big for only one of us. I’ll clean one side. You take care of the other.”

Lilith nodded. Without making her usual smart comments or objections, she knelt quietly next to their guest and took care of his cheek and neck.

Faiza leaned closer to his jaw. She dabbed his skin. Instantly, he clutched her wrist. Fire and ice punched through his hold into her, and she was thrown back as icicles settled in her lungs and flames flared in her core.

Ah!” Faiza yelped, eyeing the point of contact, convinced she’d see sores and burns, but her skin was smooth and its golden color hadn’t changed. She felt no pain except for an odd tingle under his fingers.

Penance!” he shouted, rising close to her face. His deep voice resonated through the small room.

Then he looked at her.

Sparkling irises, full of magic and bright as searchlights bore into hers. He was not human, but not a god either. No deity aura surrounded him. Her mind spun as she fought to make sense of this marvel and every wild sensation he’d inspired in her.

About the Author

Award-winning, multi-genre author Victoria Saccenti writes romantic women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Not one for heart and flower stories, she explores the edgy twists and turns of human interaction, the many facets of love, and all possible happy endings. After thirty years of traveling the world, she’s settled in Central Florida. She splits her busy schedule between family and her active muse at Essence Publishing. However, if she could convince her husband to sell their home, she would pack up her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores. On a side note, in one form or another, Scotland appears in most of her stories.





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An Early Valentine’s Gift – #99cents #EroticRomance #ValentinesDay #MFRWHooks

Hearts & Handcuffs cover

Well, it’s finally February. And you know what that means – hearts and flowers, candy and champagne, moonlight and kisses, and if you’re me, maybe a spanking or two...

For today’s Book Hooks hop, I’m featuring my short story collection Hearts & Handcuffs: Romantic Kink. Specifically, I’ve got a teasing snippet from the title story, which features Rachel and Theo from my novel The Gazillionaire and the Virgin.

Just for fun, and to say thank you to my readers, I’ve dropped the price of the collection to only 99 cents, for the entire month of February. So if you enjoy BDSM erotic romance, why not pick up a copy?


The Hook (from “Hearts and Handcuffs”)

Why, when you’re short on time, does the world deliberately conspire to slow you down? Theo will be so annoyed if I’m late. But there’s nothing I can do. Route 101 headed south is bumper-to-bumper with commuters, all eager to get home to their honeys, or so I presume. Just like me.

That makes me smile, despite my frustration. This is the first Valentine’s Day in a decade when I’ve had anything worth celebrating. Or anyone to celebrate with. I used to work late on February fourteenth, telling myself that all the fuss about Valentine’s was commercial nonsense, designed to sell chocolates, flowers and jewelry.

Now I know better.

For convenience, we’re meeting at his condo, since I had meetings all afternoon in the city. He’s at the StorySpinner offices in Sunnyvale, most likely bossing his developers around. It’s astonishing how much more assertive he’s become in the past nine months. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be home before I am.

That’s fine. He’ll have time to prepare.

Flashing lights up ahead indicate an accident. Once I’ve crept past, the road opens up. I lean on the accelerator a bit—what’s the point of having a powerful engine if you don’t take advantage of it?—trying to make up for lost time.

I pull into the parking lot at seven ten, just ten minutes late. Ten strokes of the crop, if I’m lucky and he doesn’t choose the cane instead. I feel wetness gathering between my thighs. I’m not a pain junkie, but if Theo wants to cane me, I know I won’t object.

My pulse quickens and my nipples tighten under my jacket as I stand on the landing, fumbling with my key. He hasn’t told me exactly what he has planned, just that we’ll do some role play, but by now I have a pretty good understanding of Theo’s kinky mind. I know that whatever we do, I’ll love it.

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Be sure to visit the other MFRW authors participating in today’s hop. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing Valentine’s features too!

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Review Tuesday: Any Fin for Love by Petie McCarty -- #EnemiesToLovers #SmallTownRomance #ReviewTuesday

Any Fin for Love cover

Any Fin for Love by Petie McCarty

First Edition 2022

Cody Ryan wishes she’d paid more attention to her father on their shared fishing trips. Now he’s gone. As a way of dealing with her grief, she has decided to enter the Loon Lake Fishing Tournament, the way he did every year. Her boat is under-powered and her fishing expertise leaves much to be desired, but Cody is determined to honor Jack Ryan’s memory even if she has zero chance of winning the competition. She doesn’t want the help of the bossy, arrogant hunk from New Orleans who seems determined to rain on her parade. It’s just too bad if he kisses like an angel.

Louisiana Coast Guard agent Gage Connor heads to Loon Lake to escape his high pressure job interdicting drug runners. Little does he realize he’s bringing trouble with him, hidden in one of the compartments of his bass boat. As far as he’s concerned, his main problem is the red-headed spitfire who’s assigned to be his fishing partner. Cody is about as relaxing as a bayou gator, but there’s something about her that draws him, too. She definitely disturbs his peace of mind.

Cody and Gage are both nursing broken hearts from their distant past. Their potent attraction and the uncanny sense of familiarity they each feel in the other’s presence aren’t quite enough to overcome their lack of trust. Only when their lives are threatened do they come to recognize their mutual love as the only thing that really matters.

Having read the hilarious blurb, I was expecting a light-hearted romcom from Any Fin for Love. Although the book has its humorous moments, it doesn’t quite have the zany quality I associate with that genre. Both Cody and Gage have serious emotional issues, which turn out to be obstacles to their romance. There’s an enemies-to-lovers vibe as each of them seems to continually disappoint the other. Meanwhile, Gage is keeping secrets that Cody really needs to know. Plus, of course, there are a couple of brutal drug dealers to keep things on the darker side.

The prose is smooth, the pace swift. The plot has quite a number of surprising twists. Some of them work well, while others seem strained. I can’t say more without spoiling the effect, but the final reveal left me a bit incredulous. Others might be more willing to suspend their disbelief.

The small town of Loon is lovingly portrayed, as are the quirky characters who live there. Courtly Doc Taylor, twin innkeepers Velma and Delma, flamboyant femme fatale Lila Tumson and her scheming brother Zeke, local restauranteur Sadie Darling – Ms. McCarty brings them all to vivid life. The wily cajun Dougah is a wonderful creation. I also appreciated the fact that some of the apparent bad guys are redeemed by the end of the tale.

And the kisses...! This is not erotic romance, so there’s nothing explicit, but the author still manages to convey the intense heat between Cody and Gage. There are some truly swoon-worthy embraces scattered through the tale, in between the pratfalls and the arguments.

Overall I enjoyed Any Fin for Love, though toward the end I lost patience a bit with the protagonists. Anyone could see they were meant for one another. As a reader, I wanted to shake them and tell them to wake up to the obvious.

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At 90? Really? -- New release from @AdrianaKraft #LaterInLife #EroticRomance #LGBTQ

Swingers banner

In case you missed it, movie star Rita Moreno, 91, recently owned up on TV to becoming aroused while filming her latest movie. The scene? A men’s football locker room featuring, you guessed it, virile hunks changing clothes.

Meanwhile, I was recently chatting with a librarian friend about the erotic romance my husband and I co-author under our pen name, Adriana Kraft—at our age. My friend laughed and told me about an elderly woman who came to her library each week to request specific books. When she warned the woman how explicit one of the books was, the woman drew herself up and proclaimed, “I’m not dead yet!”

Both these women – Rita Moreno and our librarian’s patron – are three to four decades older than the happily married pair who star in our brand-new release, Swingers Light Up Vegas. Dan and Ginger have been swingers since their children grew up and left home a few years back, and they’re in Las Vegas to celebrate Ginger’s fiftieth birthday.

Swinging at 50? Feeling sexy (and desirable) at 50? Hardly a stretch of the imagination. There are lots of swingers age 50 and older. In some larger cities, there are clubs specifically by and for the older swing set, who’ve often aged out of more general lifestyle gatherings.

I think our fictional couple could easily have found such a club on their Las Vegas trip – in fact, they were referred to it by somewhat older friends back home in the Midwest.

We’ve created this short story to feed reader fantasies with a taste of the swing lifestyle. If you like this teaser, we hope you’ll come back for more!


What happens in Vegas…

Swingers Dan and Ginger head to Las Vegas to celebrate Ginger’s fiftieth birthday. Through their friends back home, they’ve scored a free week at a posh Vegas resort condominium. They fill their days with every iconic Las Vegas experience they can dream up. But by night? They’re determined not to leave Vegas without sampling what it has to offer in the erotically charged swing lifestyle. A Vegas swing club beckons – will it live up to their fantasies?

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Ginger heaved a sigh and slipped on the black top. “Do you think I need a bra with this?”

Laughing, Dan shook his head. “Foolish question. When have I ever thought you needed to wear a bra to a swing club? You have wonderful breasts. They shouldn’t be covered at all.”

Of course that’s what you’d say.” Ginger chuckled. “I think this will work. I’ll wear the white shorts…the shorty ones. And if you wear your black pants, we should be quite the match on the dancefloor.”

I don’t think we’ll go unnoticed. You’re hotter than hot tonight. Maybe it’s pent up energy from that abominable condo sales pitch. If so, I should write a thank you note to those sales agents.” Dan walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window and stared out at the evening lights bathing the lazy river below in a soft glow. “This is still a great place to celebrate your fiftieth birthday.”

Ginger wrapped her arms around her husband and looked over his shoulder at the courtyard below. “It’s beautiful. And the Vegas skyline is stunning from here. We couldn’t have a better view. Being on the fifth floor is just right. And you’re right, this is just the place to be for my birthday. Who knew I’d be in such a celebrative mood turning fifty? But I am. For that matter, who knew I’d feel this sexy at fifty? More than ever, really. In my twenties, I’d never have believed it was possible.”

Dan turned and pecked at Ginger’s lips, then kissed her soundly as she responded. He pulled back. “You’re so sexy it’s tempting to stay here instead of going to the club. But we have a date.”

About the Authors

Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a married pair of retired professors writing erotic romance and erotic romantic suspense together. We like to think we’ve broken the mold for staid, fusty academics, and we hope lots of former profs are enjoying life as much as we are. We believe that love is love is love, and we often feature bisexual women and ménage in our erotic romance stories. Together we have published more than fifty erotic romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews.

During our academic careers, we lived in many states across the Midwest. We love to travel, so when we retired, we sold our house and took off in our motor home across the country. We now make our home in southern Arizona, where we enjoy hiking, golf, and travel, especially to the many Arizona Native American historical sites.

We’ve featured the swing lifestyle in a number of our erotic romance stories. We penned this short story to give readers a quick taste of swinging – erotically charged, always, and a safe place for bisexual women to express the full range of their sexuality. We’ve written an entire series of novellas set in the lifestyle, entitled Swinging Games. We hope you’ll check them out! And as always, reviews are the lifeblood of romance authors, so we hope you’ll leave one for us.



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Charity Sunday: Enduring the Unendurable – #ChildAbuse #SafeHouse #CharitySunday

Charity Sunday Banner

As the first Charity Sunday of the new year grew closer, I wondered what cause I should support this month. Then I happened upon a chilling column by Nicholas D. Kristof entitled “How to help girls endure the unendurable”. I can’t link to it because it’s behind the NY Times pay wall, but if you can access a copy, go read it.

The topic is pretty difficult to stomach: the rape and sexual abuse of children. In particular, Mr. Kristof is retelling some of the horrific stories of youngsters in Kenya. The World Health Organization estimates that close to one third of all women worldwide have experience physical or sexual violence, with a much higher rate in developing countries. One survey found that for the majority of women in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, their first sexual experience had been a rape.

Kristof’s Op-Ed concludes with a plea to pass the International Violence Against Women Act, and in general for developed countries to do more to fight sexual abuse and gender violence world wide. However, he also discusses grassroots efforts to support the victims, in particular the Kenyan charity Kara Olmurani. Founded by a woman minister who was attacked and raped by multiple men on the way to her own wedding, the organization runs a safe house for sexually abused young girls. Not only do child rape victims often suffer terrible injuries, but if they manage to physically recover, they may have nowhere to go. They are sometimes evicted from by their homes by shamed relatives. They may live in justified fear of further violence from their attackers, who are likely people from their community. 


Kara Olmurani provides shelter, protection, physical and psychological sustenance to support the process of healing. It’s a tiny organization, addressing the problems of a specific city, but I believe that every bit of compassion and caring is worthwhile. And the more people become aware of the problem of child rape, the more likely it is that we can reduce its frequency, and help bring the perpetrators to justice.

So – this Charity Sunday I will donate two dollars to Kara Olmurani for every comment I receive on this post. I also hope you’ll share the existence of the organization with your friends and family. For most of us, Africa is very far away. Still, the courage of the organization’s “little warriors” is universal.

I don’t have any stories that include childhood sexual abuse. Indeed, I don’t write much about their early years. Having had a loving and supportive childhood myself, I tend to confer the same on my protagonists.

I do have one short story that captures one of my heroines in her teens, before the events of the novel in which she originally appeared. When we meet Ruby Maxwell Chen in The Heart of the Deal, she’s in her mid-twenties, a ruthless businesswoman heading an international commercial conglomerate. The short story “Shades of Red” I wrote later, wondering what Ruby had been like at nineteen.

If you’re interested, you can find this story in my boxed set Bound and Breathless (



Sex with strangers? For money? You’ve got to be insane, Ruby!”

Jane’s Delft-blue eyes are wide with disbelief. Her horrified protest is loud enough to trigger tolerant smiles at neighboring tables. This is, after all, worldly and decadent Amsterdam.

I’ve already hired the window. For tonight.”

But it’s dangerous!”

Oh, please! There’s 24 hour video surveillance. The police practically outnumber the tourists strolling around the district at night. Every cubicle has an alarm in case things get dicey. The landlord showed me how it worked.”

But it’s so degrading! Once a man pays you, you’re obliged to do whatever he says. You’ve got no choice.”

I sip my cappuccino. My lipstick leaves a crimson crescent on the china cup.

Nonsense. I’ll be the one in control. I was watching the women last night. Anyone whose looks they don’t like, they send away. The men are the ones who are desperate, vulnerable. They want us so much, they’re willing to pay to satisfy their desires.”

Jane shakes her head. “If your father finds out, he’ll be furious.”

How would he find out? You wouldn’t tell him, would you?” I put on a stern face, not too different from his. Cowed, she lowers her eyes.

Of course not. Still, you know how he is. It was tough to get him to agree to this trip at all. We had to really lean on the culture aspect.”

I’m old enough to make up my own mind.” My friend’s red-gold ringlets, backlit by the afternoon sun, make her look like a Botticelli angel. I relish the thought of corrupting her. “Come on, Jane! We’ve been doing nothing but high-minded museums and libraries and concerts for the past three days. I just want some fun.”

I’m afraid you’ll get more than you bargain for.”

I certainly hope so. Look, why don’t you join me? Last night I noticed quite a few windows with more than one girl. The cubicle has a double bed, and you’re so gorgeous, I’m sure you’d be popular.”

Not a chance. Freddie would break up with me in a second.”

What Freddie doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Jane looks insulted. “Freddie and I have a relationship based on honesty and trust. I’m not going to do something sordid and risky like that behind his back.”

I wonder if Freddie has shared with my poor friend the fact that he has propositioned me, under pretense of being drunk, at more than one party. Innocence, I decide, is bliss, at least for sweet, loyal Jane.

At least come around with me to the sex shops, to help pick out a costume and some toys.”

I’ve got a miserable headache.” Jane sounds peevish. I worry briefly that she somehow caught my thoughts about her beau. “I’m going back to the hotel to lie down. Will I see you tonight, before – I mean, are you going to have dinner, or what?”

I think I’m too excited to eat. But I’ve got to take a shower and do my makeup, and that will be easier in our room.”

Okay, see you later. Be careful.”

You know me. The coolest of the cool.”

But I’m not. In fact I’ve been obsessed ever since last night, when Jane and I wandered through the red light district, staring at the women who waited behind the glass in their rose-tinted rooms. We wove our way through clumps of nervous, intoxicated men who were all staring, too. I could smell their sweat, underneath the beer and the pot smoke. I could feel their lust. It infected me.

They barely noticed us, two teenagers in jeans, although the tight denim in my crotch was so wet, I half-expected they’d catch my scent and turn to me. They had eyes only for the bodies displayed in the rows of windows lining the canals.

Some of the women were ripe, blond, Slavic-looking, their breasts exploding out of their lace brassieres. Others were slight, deliberately child-like in Gidget-inspired bikinis or brief plaid kilts. There was a Brazilian beauty with golden skin and coffee-colored eyes; a voluptuous African princess with strings of ruby-hued beads dangling in her ebony cleavage; a serious-looking brunette wearing dark-framed glasses who sat, shapely legs crossed, like a secretary waiting to take dictation.

Some of the women posed. Others danced suggestively, or made lewd gestures at their prospective customers. There were masked women in leather, snapping riding crops against their boots. There were women whose pierced nipples and labia showed clearly through their translucent garments.

Men clustered around the dimly-lit windows like moths hovering by a candle. Mostly they’d just look, inflamed by the mere thought of all this available flesh. Sometimes I’d see a hushed conversation through a half open glass door. Such conversations might end with the man turning away, disappointed, rejected, or perhaps simply unwilling to pay the asking price. Other times the door would open wider, just enough to admit the supplicant. Then it would close and the red velvet curtains would be drawn, hiding the rest of the dance.

Those curtained windows drew me. I couldn’t stop imagining what might be going on behind them. I knew it was a straight commercial transaction in most cases, a workman-like blowjob, or a quick, bored fuck. Still, I imagined occasional revelations, epiphanies, ecstasies – meetings of strangers pre-destined to be lovers, brief but unbearably intense conflagrations of lust, lewd and mystical connections that would live in his memory, or hers, long after the curtains were flung open again.

I’m nineteen. I’ve had enjoyable but ultimately frustrating sex with two boys my age. I know that, practical as I am, I’m a bit of a romantic. Otherwise, I would not have continued to roam the red-lit alleys long after Jane gave up and went back to the hotel in disgust. As the Oude Kerk chimed two AM, I wandered up Molensteeg and down Monnikenstraat like some horny ghost. The crowds had thinned. The curtains were mostly drawn. Some of open windows were empty, aside from the signs: KAMERS TE HUUR. Windows for rent.


Please do leave a comment. Every one will help heal the soul of an abused child.

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Catching the design bug – #CoverArt #Romance #Discount @AmberDaulton1

Satin Rose logo

By Amber Daulton (Guest Blogger)

Covers to make your book shine is my motto.

Hi, I’m Amber Daulton, founder of Satin Rose Designs. I’ve been writing professionally and offering various author services since 2012, but I opened the doors to my latest business venture in January 2022, a year this month. To celebrate my one-year anniversary, my author friend Lisabet Sarai was gracious enough to let me visit her site. (Authors, I have a special offer for you. Keep reading to learn more.)

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of learning cover art design, but I thought it went way beyond my skill set. Even though I made do by creating graphic teasers and book trailers for myself, there was still a little voice in the back of my head that kept urging me to try and create a real book cover. After my publisher returned the audio rights to me for Lyrical Embrace, I finally decided it was time to learn. 

Thanks to help from some author/designer friends, I created my first audiobook cover and matched it to fit the ebook version, although with a few noticeable differences. I was so excited and wanted to do more—and more. Yes, I’d finally caught the design bug! When the ebook and print rights to some other books reverted to me, I got my chance, but it still wasn’t enough. Then a few authors asked if I ever thought about doing cover work professionally, and I thought, “Why not?” A lot of research, headaches, and TONS of practice and work later, I’d created over 50 romance covers and built a new website to feature them.


Juggling the writing, publishing, and marketing part of my Amber Daulton brand was already a time-consuming process, and now I’ve added cover work to the mix. It’s exhausting, to be sure, but also exhilarating. How do I manage it, you might ask? Well, I break my work into parts. I write for a couple months with marketing and publishing weaved in when necessary, and then I put my writing aside for a few months to create new covers. When a client purchases a cover from me, I weave it into my current work schedule and mark it as top priority.

Currently, I have over 80 premade romance book covers available for sale. The price is only $50 each. My Premade Ebook Gallery includes Chick Lit/Rom Com, Contemporary, Historical, Holiday, LGBTQ, Paranormal/Fantasy, and Romantic Suspense. The Contemporary category has the largest selection of covers, but I plan to extend the others in the coming months.


Paperback and Audiobook covers, as well as 3D Box Set covers and Social Media Graphics, can be ordered as add-ons for each premade.

Here’s my website for more information:

Feel free to sign up to my exclusive newsletter for notifications about new covers, sales, discounts, and more. New subscribers get a FREE social media graphic with the order of a Premade Cover. Join here:

Now, to my special offer. For any author who purchases a premade ebook cover between now and February 15th, 2023, add this discount code LisabetBlog2023 in the cover request form (found on each cover product page), and you’ll get 10% off the ebook cover purchase. If for some reason the cover request form isn’t working or you just can’t use it, email me at and mention this blog post for your 10% off discount. I’m pretty easy to work with, so just get in touch with me any way you can. (Discount not applicable for any add-ons.)

Thank you for reading, and I hope to connect with you soon. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ page on my website or message me/comment below.

About the Designer, Amber Daulton

Amber is an author, blogger, reviewer, and cover designer. She’s been writing and creating promotional graphics for herself for years, but then she created her first audiobook cover after consulting with designer friends and diving headfirst into photo editing to learn, learn, learn. She’s created a couple of ebook and print covers for herself since then and has been getting some awesome feedback from other authors, like—
Will you create something for me?

Hence, Satin Rose Designs was born.

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Join us for Charity Saturday, 29 January 2023! #CharitySundaySignup #Altruism #Marketing

Winter spruce

 Image by Gabriela Piwowarska from Pixabay

Since 2017, I’ve been devoting the last Sunday in each month to a post which features some worthy cause. Often, other bloggers join me in this effort, turning the event into a blog hop. The January Charity Sunday blog hop will take place this coming Sunday, January 29th.

Charity Sunday is a meme designed to give authors and bloggers a chance to give back to the world—as well as, hopefully, to attract new readers.

How does it work? Each participant selects a favorite charity. Before
the date, you should prepare a blog post that: 1) talks about the charity and why you support it; 2) provides a link to the charity; 3) includes an excerpt from one of your books; 4) includes the code to show links to other participating blogs.

It’s fun if you can make the excerpt relate somehow to your chosen charity, but this isn’t required.

For every comment left on your post, you commit to giving some amount to the relevant charity. The specific charity and the amount to donate are up to you. You can set an upper limit to your donation if you want.

If you’d like to participate in the next Charity Sunday
on January 29th, just sign up using the Linky List below. Please be sure that the link you enter will lead directly to your Charity Sunday post, not just to the home page of your blog.

I’ve created a new banner image for 2023. You can download it from here:

For more detailed instructions, go here:

For an example
post, check out this link from my last Charity Sunday: