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Sunday Snog #185: Bodies of Light

My snog this Sunday is a blast from the past. The sexy excerpt below comes from my scifi ménage romance Bodies of Light, which won a Whipped Cream Best Book award back in 2011.

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Love travels faster than light

Physicist Dr. Christine Monroe has devoted her lonely life to research on hyper-space travel. Her continued failure leads her to sign on to the Archimedes, a sub-light-speed mission aimed at establishing a colony in the Sirius B system.

Waking from suspended animation, she discovers that the ship is wildly off course and the rest of the crew are dead due to equipment failure. At first she thinks the two handsome strangers who show up on the ship are figments of her imagination - erotic hallucinations created by isolation and stress.

However, Alyn and Zed are solid, real, and ready to sacrifice their lives for the strong woman they’ve found stranded in deep space. As her ship begins to disintegrate, Christine must choose between the planet she was sent to save and the two alien beings she’s come to cherish.

As soon as levels reached something near normal, before the inner door activated, Christine tore off her helmet. “What’s going on?” she demanded. “You were out in space without suits, without helmets! How is that possible?”

The airlock spiralled open. Christine stumbled out, almost collapsing on to the bench that paralleled the wall. She didn’t resist as Alyn and Zed stripped off her pressure suit and stored it away. She just sat there, shaking her head, not believing her eyes.

I thought I dreamed you,” she whispered. “Am I still dreaming? Am I dead?”

Alyn crouched at her feet and grinned up at her. “You definitely look alive to me.”

Zed seated himself beside her, his arm around her shoulders. He nuzzled at her neck, sending tiny shivers down her spine. “You’re certainly still warm…” He rested his palm over her pubis and brushed a finger through her cleft. “Wet, too…”

Languid desire threatened to overwhelm her once again. Christine pushed it away. Springing to her feet, she backed towards the opposite wall. “No! Don’t try to distract me! I need answers!”

What you need is love,” murmured Alyn. He took a step in her direction, but Zed’s hand on his shoulder made him pause.

I understand,” said the darker man, sounding serious for once. “You’re a woman of great intelligence. A scientist. You are bothered by the unexplained.”

Damn right I am,” she replied. “So—explain yourselves!”

What do you think?” Alyn’s voice was gentle. “Do you have any theories?”

Christine looked from one to the other. Each was perfect in his unique way. Alyn’s grace, Zed’s power—they were practically unearthly. How had they made their way to the ship, without a vehicle of their own? How had they survived outside, without suits or helmets?

They might be figments of her imagination, but their bodies felt as solid as her own. She could smell them, a paradoxical mix of spring flowers and autumn leaves. She knew if she ran her hand over Zed’s swelling muscles she’d feel the warmth of skin under his thin garment. She guessed that if she gave in to her desire and pressed her lips to Alyn’s ripe mouth she’d taste some intricate bouquet of flavours, far too complex to be imaginary.

Perhaps the whole ship was an illusion, along with all her memories and sensations. She knew that electro-stimulation research was making rapid progress back on Earth. But she didn’t think it had reached this level, where selective electrical impulses piped into the brain could create a complete, consistent, tangible world.

So what were the alternatives? Angels? Alyn and Zed certainly fit the bill physically, but if angels were this horny she was sure the stories people told about them would be very different.

Or aliens? Could Alyn and Zed be creatures from another world?

That’s right,” said Zed, nodding as though she’d spoken aloud. “We knew you’d work it out.”

But—but you look so human!”

Alyn came to her side and led her back to the bench. She sank down, too astounded to resist. Seating himself beside her, he stroked her hair with gentle fingers, then turned her face to his. She could feel his breath on her cheeks.

We deliberately adopted these forms to make you feel more comfortable, sweet.” His lips captured hers. Christine moaned into his mouth, then feebly pushed him away.

What do you really look like?” She searched their eyes. “Tentacles and bug-eyes?”

Zed took her other hand and brought it to his mouth. He kissed the palm, then ran his hot, wet tongue between her fingers. She squirmed, feeling as though he was licking the cleft of her sex instead. “Something like that,” he answered finally. “You shouldn’t worry about it, though.” Still holding her hand, he curled her fingers around the stiff rod of flesh jutting up between his thighs. Somehow his flimsy clothing had evaporated. His cock was a super-heated bar of steel. “We won’t hurt you, Christine, I promise.”

Christine remembered her ‘dream’, the glory of being stretched by two hard cocks simultaneously. She wondered why she was not embarrassed. When she squeezed Zed’s erection, he swelled further. Her pussy clenched in anticipation and moisture began to coat her thighs.

Alyn bent to suck her nipple through her T-shirt. The rigid knot felt as though it was about to explode.

Touch him too,” Zed instructed and Christine complied. Alyn’s cock was longer and thinner than Zed’s but at least as hard—and equally naked.

What’s going on?” she murmured, as Zed claimed her mouth and Alyn slipped his eager fingers into her trousers. Her mind recoiled at the notion of having sex with non-humans. Her body, however, had no such qualms.

We’re making love to you,” said Alyn, easing off her clothing.

We’re fucking you,” added Zed, biting her nipple until she screamed. “That’s the most important reason that we’ve taken these human forms. So we can make you come.”

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Cooking Up a Novel

By Lauren Linwood (Guest Blogger)

Readers often ask where I get ideas for my novels. My first six books were all historical romances, so many times I would look at the two eras that interest me (medieval times and the American Old West) and go from there.

Im a native Texan, where the Texas Rangers have always seemed larger than life. Besides reading a few books about the Rangers and scouring the Internet, I also visited the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco to look at all their exhibits and soak up the flavor. The result was Ballad Beauty.

I love visiting San Francisco, so I decided to set another book in that fabulous city. During the 1870s, San Francisco rivaled any large European city in sophistication, with its cosmopolitan culture. I enjoyed researching places that existed thensuch as Cliff Houseand sending my characters to visit there. That novel turned out to be A Game of Chance. With gambling at the center of events, I researched gambling palaces of that decade and learned all about the various games of chance played.

When Im plotting, I always play the What if . . . game. By asking that question, I came up with the premise for both of my medieval romances. In Music For My Soul, I asked myself,What if a woman became a troubadour?In researching The Hundred YearsWar, I thought,What if a captured noblemans family refused to pay the ransom for his release? What would happen to him?That research and those questions led me to write A Bit of Heaven on Earth.

I switched gears recently and decided to try my hand at writing a romantic suspense. I enjoy reading them, so why not write one?

The research was a little different. I had to go to a dark place and distinguish between psychopaths and sociopaths. I read up on serial killers and stalkers. And then I threw bits and pieces of what I knew into that mix. Things I drew on from my life included:

*Making my hero Nick a writer. He talks about plotting and creating characters (so I used my own experiences for him)

*Having my heroine Callie be an actress (I’ve known several over the years)

*Giving Callie a huge white dog named Wolf (stole that one from my neighbor’s dog)

*Letting Nick & Callie enjoy a wonderful day in New Orleans (where I honeymooned)

*Having Nick be a Cy Young winner (my former student won this award last year)

I think all writers toss in parts of themselves no matter what they write, and thats what I did in Leave Yesterday Behind. Writing sometimes is like creating dinner out of leftovers in your fridge and whatevers in the pantry. I put all kinds of things into the dishsome Im familiar with, some I might be combining for the first timeand the end result can sometimes be quite surprising! If it works, great. If not, thats where revisions come in.

But I guarantee you, in every novel I’ve managed to slip in pieces of me and my past history, along with my research.

Youll find the blurb and an excerpt from the book below. If you like what youve read, leave me a comment with your email address. Ill give away an ebook copy of Leave Yesterday Behind to one randomly selected person who comments.


Callie Chennault vaulted to fame on the nighttime soap Sumner Falls, but after a decade of playing the same role, she is ready for a new acting challenge. When Callie is attacked by a stalker on the streets of New York, she takes a leave of absence from the show and returns to her roots in Aurora, Louisiana, to heal both physically and emotionally and determine her next career move.

Former professional baseball pitcher Nick La Chappelle has also come to Aurora to lick his own wounds after a messy divorce. A Cy Young winner and one-time ESPN broadcaster, Nick longs for the quiet of a small town in order to write murder mysteries under a pen name.

Sparks fly when Callie believes Nick is taking advantage of her great-aunt’s hospitality, but they resolve their differences—and surprise themselves by falling in love. Their bond is tested when both Nick and Callie become the focus of a serial killer nicknamed Lipstick Larry. Can they outwit a murderer bent on seeing them dead and survive to build a lasting relationship?


Maybe she should take a cab home. But her subway station was only a block and half away. It would be foolish to stand out in a downpour after nine at night when she could duck in and be on her way downtown in a couple of minutes. Callie liked that people left her alone on the subway. A few sometimes stared at her and frowned, wondering if they’d ever seen her before. Most turned away, not quite able to place her.

After all, she left Jessica behind at the studio every day. No chic clothes, Ravenous Red mouth, or fancy hairstyle. She didn’t often get recognized in real life unless it was a die-hard fan. Even then, most New Yorkers were cool about it and simply ignored her.


She turned automatically and saw a man standing behind her. He was probably the reason she’d had the feeling of being followed. He seemed a little out of breath, as if he’d been keeping up with her awhile. It had happened before. She knew it would happen again.

And always with this type.

He was non-descript in every way—average height and build, brown hair, glasses. Harmless looking. Dopey grin on his face, like he’d hit the lottery because he’d actually had the balls to speak to the crush of his daydreams. She knew enough to be firm. Give him a brief little personal moment, a smile and her signature on something, and get back to her life.

Then a quick flash of John Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman zipped through her brain. Hed been average, too.

And he’d killed Lennon hours after someone snapped a photograph of them together.

You dont look like Jessica up close.His voice was silky, almost caressing, yet the tone was definitely disappointed.

Her pulse quickened. She took a step back to put a little distance between them and brushed against a brick wall.

I like to give my skin a rest away from the studio. All that heavy make-up and hairspray can cause a girl some damage.She kept her tone calm and friendly as she glanced over the mans shoulder.

No one was in sight.

I want to see Jessica. Shes my favorite.

He pulled something from his pocket and held it up. “Put this on. It’ll help. It’s the perfect shade.” He smiled shyly. “I’ll even let you do it. You’re the expert.” He reached out and grabbed her wrist and laid the item in her hand before letting go.

Chills ran through her as she opened her palm. In it lay a gold tube of Jessicas signature Ravenous Red.

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About Lauren

Lauren Linwood’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love. Her romantic suspense novels feature strong heroes and heroines who unite to defeat a clever antagonist and discover a deep, abiding love during their journey.

A native Texan, Lauren is an avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan who manages stress by alternating yoga with long walks. She plans to start a support group for House Hunters addicts—as soon as she finishes her next piece of dark chocolate.

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