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Creating the Setting for End of the Road (@KMNbooks #endoftheroad)

End of the Road cover

By Karen Michelle Nutt (Guest Blogger)

Thank you, Lisabet, for having me here on your blog today.
My characters in End of the Road reside in Malibu, California, a truly magical place of surf and sun. It's where the rich and famous live in oceanfront homes and surfers from around the world gather to enjoy the surf and sand.

However, the mansion where Lars Gunner and Phoebe Keddie lived is fictional as well as the pier that was built by a director in the 30s for his movie backdrop, although Malibu has been home to many TV and movie sets.

The Surfrider Beach is adjacent to the Malibu Pier where Gidget, Beach Blanket Bingo and all those groovy surfing movies were filmed in the 60s. Malibu Creek State Park still has the outdoor set of M*A*S*H. The exterior shots of Stark's home in Iron Man were digitally added to footage of Point Dume. Oh, the magic of Hollywood.

Photoshop helped me create the fictional places that I mention in End of the Road. The scene featured below is the pier and bungalow on the Gunner Estate. Lars Gunner met his demise when he drove his truck off the end of the pier. I also created the photos I used in the book trailer for End of the Road.


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About the Book

Lars Gunner, the frontman for Silent Plaids, died 23 years ago and his death was ruled an unfortunate accident. Despite the fact he can't recall what happened to him in his last moments of life, he is convinced he was murdered. He has been trapped in limbo until his daughter, Cecilia, unearths his journal and is able to see him. She seeks help from Kaleb, a psychic, but as they resurrect the past, the secrets and lies surrounding Lars' rock and roll life just may be the death of them too.


"Breaking into someone's house will do that to a person."

"CeeCee, think about this for a moment. I didn't break in."

She narrowed her eyes and her heart began to race all over again.

"You know who I am," he continued.

She shook her head even though she knew what his next words were going to be.

"I'm your father."

She laughed and it came out like she'd lost her mind, but her father had been gone a long time and even if this guy's claims were true, which they weren't, where had he been for twenty-three years? "You have a warped sense of humor," she said with a chuckle, but then reined in her laughter when the Lars-lookalike didn't appear amused, but really what had he expected? "Listen, I'm not sure what you think you're going to gain here by pretending to be my father. Sure, you look a lot like him, but there's just one flaw. My father, if he still lived and breathed, would be fifty years old."

His expression plainly revealed his annoyance with her and he opened his mouth to say something but closed it again when the floor lamp behind him dimmed. Just as the room threatened to go dark, the crackle of electricity brought the light bulb back to life once more.

She stared wide-eyed at the Lars-lookalike for a full two seconds before she realized why something seemed off. She could see the lamp standing tall and bright but not to the side of him. She could see the lamp right through him as if his body mass had suddenly gone transparent. She closed her eyes then reopened them again as if doing so would clear her vision, but nothing changed.

"What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

Now, wasn't that a loaded question? "You're..." she pointed at him and swallowed the lump in her throat. "I-I can see right through you."

The Lars-lookalike glanced down at himself and cursed. "I'm sorry," he told her before he winked out. It was the only way she could explain what she witnessed. He was standing there one moment then poof he wasn't.

She blinked and blinked again. Had she really seen her father's ghost? "No. No. Not possible."

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Karen Michelle Nutt resides in California with her husband. Though her three children are grown and starting their own adventures, she still has a houseful of demanding pets. Jack, her Chorkie, is her writing buddy and sits long hours with her at the computer.

When she's not time traveling, fighting outlaws, or otherworldly creatures, she creates pre-made book covers to order at Gillian's Book Covers, "Judge Your Book By Its Cover".

Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, historical or time travel, all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love.

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Welcome to my blog, Karen.

I'm in awe of your graphics ability. I've made a few covers but I know my limits... one image only, don't try to combine!

The book sounds very original. Hope it does really well.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Thank you so much for having me here. :)

Laura Shinn said...

Karen, I like both videos, but the 2nd one is my favorite. *G* Laura S.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Thanks so much, Laura for taking a look.

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