Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Deliciously Smutty Dream (#erotica #entrepreneur #literature)

Richie and Randi

Greetings! We're Richie and Randi G. In the adult industry we’re also known as ‘Mr. and Mrs. YouPorn’. You might not have heard of us, but we were part of the founding group of the world's most famous porn tube site; We've always loved visualumstimulation, but we have recently launched an old school website with a brand new twist. is the one-stop smut shop for an older and still immensely popular form of erotica: the kind that features the… (drum roll, please) …written word.

It all started with a dream....

After retiring from YouPorn in 2014, I, (Richie) decided to do something I’d fantasized about for yearspen an erotic novel based on my wild experiences as a San Francisco night cab driver for twenty two years.

TaXXXi Tales ( took a full year for me to write and Randi to edit. My sexy, funny peek into the lust-life of a big city night-cabbie garnered great notices from publications such as Penthouse and book-review giant; Kirkus, along with five-star reader-raves on Amazon.

But even as the kudos kept coming, I discovered some grim truths about the literary marketplace.

Authors who write erotica are often treated like second class citizens. 

They’re “tolerated” on many standard book outlets, not warmly embraced.

Market resistance let us to realize that there was a niche that needed filling. In our thinking, there needed to be more sites that warmly, not reluctantly, welcomed writers who write across the sexual spectrum.

And so was born and went live in April, 2016.

We saw a solution for lots of writers, not just for Richie. (This is Randi talking!) 
Kinky Literature offers over a thousand erotic books, novellas, series and bundles touching every point on the spectrum from sexy romance to pure porn, searched by author, title and genre. We have e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers, audio books, magazines, (including collector’s issues), comics, explicit picture books and even dirty coloring books. Many books have video trailers and there are free giveaways each week. We are also directly connected from our free porn site, Pornsurfer Reports, something we noticed was not being done by other porn tube sites. 
New writers join every day. Readership keeps growing too. It makes sense on both sides of the equation. Having your book listed free is a win for writers. And as more readers find us, they see there's always something new. So we're becoming a destination for people who are into erotic lit. We'll keep expanding what we offer as we see what turns surfers on.

We always welcome new authors. We don’t charge authors for being on our free site. We get a small commission from each sale directly from Amazon and Smashwords if somebody clicks back to them from our site and makes a purchase. It’s a win-win for us, viewers and the authors.

If authors want their books to be included, they just have to fill out a form found at the bottom of each page.

And finally, we’re expecting a special civic award from President-Elect Trump. An award for our campaign to Help Stamp-Out Illiteracy. Read Lots Of Smut!! 

Only kidding! We’re really not. But it shows that besides running a great erotic literary site, we do have a sense of humor. And that’s a good thing!

Thanks, Lisabet… you’re the best!

Richie and Randi

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