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Romancing The Girl (or Why I Write F/F Fiction)

By Sommer Marsden (Guest Blogger)

To celebrate Pride Month, I figured I'd talk about why I can often be found in lesbian anthologies. In fact, once in a while I'm in then as alternate pen names and no one but me (and my editor) knows it's me! There's no big secret that I've been happily married and tethered (sometimes literally) to the same man for a million years. But you will often find me waxing poetic about the female of the species. In fact, some of my favorite short pieces ever have been lesbian pieces. Spitting Seeds (Girl Crazy) and Hot Child In The City (Where The Girls Are) spring immediately to mind. A story called In The Only Girl I Want (Best Lesbian Romance '10) was a story that had me giddy while writing it. I loved every single character and yes, the main character was based on a real girl. Then there's the recent story I chose to pen for the upcoming You Say Tomato (Pretty Things Press) called Waiting For The Harvest. That was a f/f piece that sprang to mind and took root (pun intended) until I sat down and wrote it out.

I never turn down or alter the way a story presents itself to me. If it comes into my head as M/F I run with it. F/F...sold! M/M....go for it! I'm not hung up on the gender or the genitalia of the players, Just their story. And while M/M fiction has taken off like a brush fire in the romance and erotica genres lately (a large amount of it written and purchased by women) I wanted to turn the spotlight on why I choose to write F/F as often as I do.

Firstly, women are hot. Let's just put that out there. Hot and sweet and soft~ big, small, skinny, lush, black, white, whatever. Women are enticing. Telling the tale of two women being attracted to one another, flirting, or falling for each other—or hell, being in love and staying that way—is something I love to do. My first F/F piece ever was about two women in love, a couple who found each other as fiercely sexy as they had in the beginning. And the fact that their relationship was seasoned, so to speak, and that each one knew exactly how to get the other going, is what made the story hot. The story "Apron Strings" is in my upcoming Coupling anthology because I knew from the first moment I had the idea for the book that the story of Kerry and Tina had to be included. To date, those two spicy women are one of my favorite fictional couples.

Secondly, okay, I have a girl crush or ten and I can imagine what I would do with some of these lovely ladies. A prime example was the story "The Scream Queen" found in Mile High Erotica. That story is the result of a long and vivid girl crush on actress Jamie Lee Curtis. There is something I find so appealing about the thought of being able to deliver my personal pleasures expertly to a member of the same sex. Let's just say, I know my way around the equipment, so while I write these steamy love stories, I can put myself on both ends of the equation. The woman giving the pleasure and the woman getting it. Trust me, if I got you in my bed and did all my favorite things to'd never leave. [toot toot...that was my own horn].

Lastly, to me a love story is a love story is a love story. Or you could say, given my alter ego Smut Girl, a smut story is a smut story is a smut story. The bottom line is that sex and attraction and lust—and yes, love—know no boundaries. They are fluid and they are magical and I believe, in my heart of hearts, that they do not discriminate in any way. I truly believe that one soul speaks to another and if they resonate they resonate. Regardless of packaging. Gender, color, height, weight, eye color and musical preference really do not come into play.

It's really all about the love.

Where some F/F can be found: Excessica, Torquere Press, Xcite Books and recently, Ellora's Cave has started offering strictly Lesbian books. Enjoy!

(A note from Lisabet: If you like M/F shapeshifter romance, check out my review of Sommer's recently published novel, Base Nature!)


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Sommer,

Welcome to Beyond Romance. I love your F/F stories. As I think I told you, "Hot Child in the City" was my absolute favorite tale in WHERE THE GIRLS ARE, which was overall a fabulous anthology.

All the best,

Sommer Marsden said...

Thanks so much Lisabet. And thanks for having me. I will tell you very quietly that HCITC is one of my faves for various reasons and was just chosen for BLE 2011. Fingers crossed that I make it through the final, final, final hoops and cuts. :)


Nina Pierce said...

Hey ladies. Great post. The m/m phenomenon sweeping erotic romance is a little confusing to me. I really don't understand the fascination of that genre. It just doesn't do it for me. But f/f? Well, that will get the steam rolling from my ears. I also find it so much easier to write for all the reasons you mentioned Sommer. Asthetically woman are so much softer, curvier, sexier. (Okay, give me a guy with a bare chest, jeans and bare feet and I'm drooling ... but I'm talking the nekkid package.) Anyway, if the market is any indication, I'm in the minority on this one.

Sommer Marsden said...

Hi Nina,

I will cop to loving m/m to a degree. And I've even written some, but f/f seems to come easier to me (ahem ;) ) and I feel more attune to the characters to a degree. For obvious reasons. :)

Thanks for commenting. And now I have a picture of a bare chested, jeans wearing, barefooted almost nekkid man in my head. Mmm. My favorite kind!


desitheblonde said...

well i love the book and would like to read all and anything the books look greatt

She said...

I've only recently started reading f/f. I've been a reader of m/m for a while now and really enjoy it. I find I have trouble finding good f/f stories. When I read I have to be able to connect to a character in a book and often I haven't been able to connect to a character in a f/f book. If I can't then the book is just not enjoyable to me. While great sex helps a book it can't carry a story line. I'll have to try your f/f.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, all,

Nina- your passion for F/F greatly reassures me. I thought that I was the only author in the romance world who enjoyed F/F.

She - I agree that pure sex won't interest me in a book, whatever the assortment of genders. The characters have to grab me.

Speaking of F/F, anyone who is not afraid of the genre should check out my erotic thriller Exposure. It has both M/F and F/F relationships...needless to say it hasn't sold very well! But I think it's good ;^)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Some of my very favorite Sommer stories are the f/f ones, so as a reader I appreciate the fact that you're an f/f ff (frequent flyer). : )

madeline moore said...

I adore Sommer's work no matter what the gender/fenre/genitalia.
I always put a little f/f in my erotica novels (should I say I always *used* to, now that BL is no more?
Apparently, the BL target readers, hetero women, like f/m and m/m better but I - I just don't believe it. Surely every woman savvy enough to buy an erotica novel gets a tingle from a good f/f scene?
Nice to read your thoughts on the subject, Sommer. Thanks Lisabet - good score!

Sommer Marsden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sommer Marsden said...

I will go way out on a limb here and say that I think part of women shunning f/f is that for so very, very long it was the 'go to fantasy' of men. Seeing a woman with another woman for his pleasure. I'd even hazard a guess that part of the allure of m/m is a turning of the tables. I know that I would roll my eyes mentally sometimes when a movie or a book (not necessarily erotica) would veer into the f/f (if a man was involved) area. Simply because it had almost been done to death.

I'm not sure if I explained that well, but I hope everyone gets the main point. Now, a lot of folks have come full circle and f/f is back again.

thanks to all for commenting! life has been so crazy here I struggled with this blog and was worried it would be a big fat dud. :)

p.s. sorry for the delete. i had a total line that made no sense if you were not me. not enough coffee (O_O)

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